Feedback for v1.9

Upgrade from 1.8 to 1.9 for redmi note 9 pro miatoll without problems.
I noticed just that e-drive process is always active (im not using murena account but my nextcloud instance) and drains my battery

I have problems with “Shelter” and “whatsapp” in shelter.

  • Update to 1.9 is done.
  • Whatsapp crashes every start
  • Uninstall WA in shelter
  • Uninstall shelter
  • Install shelter
  • Cannot start shelter, permissions problem…

Does anyone know a solution?

  • Vendor Name: Fairphone
  • Device name: Fairphone 3+
  • Device CodeName: FP3
  • Version of /e/OS or Stock which existed previously: 1.8
  • Device is not Rooted

Update worked fine. No issues till now.

By the way: Why are you reducing customisation options? E.g. why is there no option to change colours for the menu buttons as it was before? Why are there no options to get the round buttons back? Now there are only 4 buttons in quick view instead of 6. More freedom of choice would be nice for the next version.


Fairphone 3+
1.8r stable to 1.9s stable
Not rooted

Installed smoothly and still checking for any potential issues, but I am seeing the same VPN problem.

I run Proton VPN with kill switch enabled in settings. After a reboot or if I change VPN server the phone will not reconnect. The only solution I’ve found is to turn both wi-fi and mobile internet off and then back on. Connection is then made.

Other than this all appears to be working so far.

Welcome to Android 12.
Many users across many devices were and are as enthusiastic about the new Android 12 quick settings as you are :wink: .

I suppose this will be coming with V1.9? Great!

Stable builds might take some days more for the update?

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Hi @Manoj,

Can we still plan with a FP3/3+ v1.9 stable release today or will it be delayed to tomorrow ?

If you don’t want to wait, you can enable test channel following this instructions and then choose the stable upgrade. It worked OTA without any issue. I’ve done that because my FP3 is not my daily driver, otherwise I would wait a few more hours… I’m sure dev team will release it as soon as possible.

Thanks for your answer. I can easily live with an upgrade tomorrow :hugs:. Some others might want to know as well ; some communication over it might be of some help

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The last update I had last night is that it has been moved forward to today, 21 March. Will check with the team, once they are in office, and update on this thread.


Thanks for your answer :+1:. It might be due to the camera issue reported by some people (Camera app not working since update 1.9 (#6761) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab) ?

Maybe, but probably not every /e/OS build or device is affected.
While my Fairphone 2 (1.9-r-dev) shows the issue raised in the GitLab, too, on my Fairphone 3 (1.9-s-dev) both cameras work fine (original modules, not +).

Good point then :+1:

The FP3 OTA OS upgrade build should be visible if you are on the v1.8.1 FP3 stable build


Aucune nouvelle version à ce stade.
FP3 Android 11 /e/OS 1.8.1-r20230204257076-stable-FP3

Have shared the feedback with the dev team reg the FP3 upgrade build not showing up. Will update

La mise à jour OTA est en cours !
La mise à jour s’est bien déroulée, tout semble fonctionner parfaitement ! Aucune perte de données.
Un grand merci pour le travail réalisé.

V1.9 not showing up for OnePlus 7T in the Updater app

The 1.9 build still doesn’t show up here.

It can be installed through the Updater app, though, as I’ve just done during my lunch break.