First timer - checking requirements

Please bear with me I am a newbie with phones but have toyed with Linux on my PC’s for years. I am ready to start and have read the instructions several times for my Samsung SIII i9300. I have opened development tools and enabled USB debugging but have not got OEM unlock or anything like it. My phone is already able to be updated from the Windows computer via USB and has fastboot in downloaded apps from when I was going to insall a custom ROM.
Does OEM unlock matter
Do I need to load adb and fastboot, adb was not needed to load the custom ROM
The Phone is quite old so I am not worried, think of it as a dry run, I am more concerned with disabling Windows on the Laptop.
Any advice welcome

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Hi @lionel.smith

For my accompaniment during the install process, I am refering to the structure of the F***ing official documentation :
(Install /e/ on a Samsung Galaxy S III (International) - “i9300”)
You can have a look to this great How To too, but it is for another device and fastboot command don’t works for the Samsung devices.

Download /e/ for i9300

The lastest (nougat) /e/ dev image .zip for the i9300 ROM
Also download the Blokada ads-Blocker .apk
and copy them on the root of you SDcard


don’t insert SIMcard, don’t connect the device to the WiFi for the moment.

  1. You don’t need /e/account for the moment
  2. Enable Developer Options and ADB usb debugging

Preparing for installation

  1. The bootloader locking feature was added by Samsung later than the s3 release, so no problem with this first step.

  2. you have to build “Heimdall” as it described here :
    (Build Heimdall)

  • disconnect the USB cable for rebooting

Installing a custom recovery

  • re enable ADB in the Developer Options
  1. You need the .img file not the .tar

use TWRP, to create a backup of your Samsung Stock ROM, select of all the partitions

Installing /e/ from custom recovery

For this last part, you can have a look to this other great HOW-TO too, for Samsung devices, but the beginning is for windows
But easier is to install the zip from the SDcard than using sideload method

  1. easier is to install the zip directly from the SDcard using the install feature in TWRP, than using the sideload method

don’t insert SIMcard, don’t connect the device to the WiFi for the moment.

final settings

don’t insert SIMcard, don’t connect the device to the WiFi for the moment.

  • now with the file manager, open the blokada.apk file copied on your SDcard to install this ads-blocker application

Because of “mum and dad” target, all the mainstream apps have to work on /e/, for that compatibility, nearly all doors are open by default.
So when I install an /e/ ROM I have to check many settings :
/Settings /MicroG ( if not, the device go to Gogol house on fist internet connection for IMEI registration to say good bye )
/settings /apps /data usage
/settings /apps /permissions
even for system apps
/Buttons (for comfort, not for security)
/Privacy /Privacy Guard menu advanced
Even for built-in apps
Add Blokada, launch the apps step by step for setting rules (I prefered if it block outing by default and ask what to do)
Even that, I may forget somethings because I’m not security expert.

now you can insert a SIMcard or connect the device to the WiFi…

Tell me if you are stuck or lost somewhere

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About the Laptop, If you perform an advanced defragmentation with Windows tools under safe mode,

then, with the installation tools of your Linux, you can reduce the size of the partition hosting Windows, and create a partition for documents (accessible from both OS), and finally, leave some free space to install your Linux in dual boot mode…