Fixing ghost touch - how to upgrade to newer android version

I’m experiencing touch screen issues on my Samsung Galaxy S9+ that make my phone unusable at times (screen reacts without input, opens and closes windows, sends stuff, etc - ghost touch).
I’m looking for fixes, so if anyone has any ideas what I could try, I would be really greatful!

I’ve read that it might be helpful to upgrade to a newer android version. Currenty it’s android 10 on my phone, the automatic installer doesn’t show me a newer one (/e/ OS 1.14-20230815320612).
Is there a way to get a newer android version?
Unfortunatelly I don’t have TWRP installed yet and have no easy version to unlock root access on my phone.

Thanks for your help, and I hope my post is in a category that makes sense, if not you can totally move it or tell me!

Your partial version string seems to find a match with a stable build listed here Perhaps you could confirm if you need more support.

If stable you might have expected an OTA Upgrade to Android R,

but it hasn't happened for you

You would need a good backup; you could consider doing the upgrade as if a new install as Moving from Q → R you would need to Format data.

Flashing the new ROM could be done by adb sideload, As for recovery, this can be done equally with TWRP or the Recovery-e.

If you don’t want to use adb sideload from your PC you can investigate the ability of your Recovery to install from a location like (the root of) SD card or external USB storage device and copy the new ROM to such location and use Install from Recovery.

Another option would be to change from stable to dev where Android 13 (T) is available.

I am not sure I follow but to make an fresh install you would first Enable USB Debugging.