FM radio missing


I have /e/ installed in a Nexus 5 (hammerhead), and realised there is no preinstalled app for FM radio. I read in this thread that FM radio worked fine, so I assume maybe something is wrong with my device. I tried to download an FM radio app from F-droid (SpiritF), but it asks me for the following permissions:

  • Draw over other apps/ modify system settings
  • Record audio
  • Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage / read the contents of your USB storage
  • Read phone status and identity

So my questions are:

  • Does /e/ come with a preinstalled FM radio app? If not, it should be a nice feature to add, in my opinion.
  • Is it normal that an open source FM radio app asks for so many permissions? It also hasn’t been updatet for 4 years…


Hi, there is an FM radio app in /e/ :slight_smile: I’m on the Oreo branch.


Hi @Anonyme, only in Oreo or also in Nougat? (I have the latter)


I don’t see why Nougat wouldn’t have its FM radio app. That’s weird, maybe it has been forgotten for your phone. If (with others posts that will come) you are the only one without the pre-installed FM app, please rise an issue on the gitlab here.


Thanks for the screen image @Anonyme. Confirmed: Radio FM missing. I will wait if someone else has the same issue and rise is in gitlab.


Hmm…could it be because nexus 5 have no FM radio installed?


If by “installed” you mean “built in”, neither my phone. The antenna comes with the headphones.


there is no radio built in, in the nexus 5. so no fm radio, but you can always stream online radio.


Oh, I didn’t know there wasn’t a radio built in, shame… :frowning_face: Thanks anyway @robban !