FP3 running e/OS 1.5 on Android 10. I've stopped receiving system updates. Do I need to update to a later Android version?

I’ve stopped receiving system updates on my Fairphone 3. Is this because it’s running Android 10, and should I update to 11, then 12, then 13? Is this something I need to do manually?

Sorry if this an obvious question. I was able to update e/OS via System Updates, but I haven’t had one since 31st Oct 2022.

The e/OS version is 1.5-20221031230909

Yes, you will need to upgrade manually. How far you will get depends on whether you are on the “stable” or the “dev(eloper)” release of /e/OS for the FP3. Your current full version number should clearly indicate this at the end. “stable” for the FP3 is still on S (Android 12), “dev” is on T (Android 13).

P.S.: As you are on 1.5 and said you’re on Android 10, you can only be on dev right now.


Thank you for your reply! I agree, the build number ends “dev-keys,dev-release”. I’m afraid I am confused by the numbers and letters: on my phone, the Android version is listed as a number (“Android 10”) but in the link, it looks like Android versions are listed as words/letters (“Pie and Q/R”). At the same time, the e/OS version is listed as a number on my phone (/e/OS 0.15-xxxxxxx), but in the documentation on this site, e/OS versions are listed as letters (https://doc.e.foundation/devices/FP3). Also, on the link you shared, it looks like the currents version of e/OS is 1.20.

Should I be upgrading Android from 10 to 11 to 12 to 13, and then upgrading e/OS from 1.5 to T?

Again, I’m sure this is obvious to someone who is familar with the OS and upgrades.

See here …

To be honest, I am not the most knowledgeable person for this either. I can think of two options for your upgrading:

  1. The way I recently upgraded my own FP3 from S (Android 12) to T (Android 13):
    Feedback for v1.19.1 - #11 by urs_lesse OR:

  2. The most reliable approach might be if you just go back to the /e/ instructions for installing /e/OS for the first time. As you are on dev, you most likely followed them before. Please note that whenever you change the bootloader state of your FP3 from locked to unlocked or from unlocked to locked, a factory reset will automatically happen.

Whatever way you choose, make sure you first backup all data that is important to you.

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no, you can jump directly to latest,

no, Android version are listed as letters

all credits to @aibd for the illustration.


That is very helpful, thank you. So when I see on the Fairphone 3 page “e/OS build version: S (stable)”, this means that the Fairphone 3 can run e/OS if the phone has Android 12 (AKA Android S).

On this same page, I can see how to update e/OS (and also advice here, but not how to upgrade from Android 10 to a later version. Or do both e/OS and Android update together (which is kind of suggested by the link from urs_lesse above.

/e/OS is an Android OS of the general major Android version indicated by the letter.
In this sense there’s nothing separate. If you install/ upgrade/ update /e/OS, you install/ upgrade/ update Android.

Conditions for compatibility with the phone hardware might still apply, though.
As Fairphone and the e foundation are official partners, Fairphone forward the software components they get from the chip suppliers to include in Fairphone OS to make everything work with a certain Android version (think a bit like drivers in the computer world) to the e foundation to integrate these in /e/OS, too, so there’s not much of a problem in this regard in Fairphone land, but on other devices users have to pay more attention to details regarding this.

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