FP5 rebooting occasionally since /e/os 1.18 upgrade

There are multiple issues around this in Gitlab. Some are confidential and may not be visible to all. Let me summarize what is happening.

The developers have been in touch with Fairphone on this issue. FP shared a fix which was incorporated. That has not resolved the problem. /e/OS developers have requested for more logs generated after the crash to be shared on the issues open in Gitlab. For now, it seems like a memory corruption causing a SystemUi crash.

Have asked testers to combine all issues into a single one if possible. Suggest you add your logs with as much detail as possible to this issue.


Given how often the crashes happen (on my side) I wonder why it can be such a problem to debug that. I have them several times a day with few apps installed. If it weren’t for the crashes FP5 with e/os would really be perfect.

Indeed. I bought my FP5 from Murena and contacted their support about this issue. The person who replied said they were experiencing the same problem on their phone so you would think logs would be in plentiful supply

For anyone curious, this issue remains in the V2.0 update.


Yes and it would be nice to know how to obtain the logs my phone had been rebooting several times now

I have had my Fairphone 5 for almost one year. One month ago, I installed E/os and I have experienced these quick semi reboots daily since then. I never have experienced these reboots with Fairphone OS. Possibly I have found a work around for this issue.

Open the MicroG Services app.

  1. Switch off “Cloud Messaging”

  2. Switch off “Google SafetyNet”

Possibly, switching off “Cloud Messaging” only is sufficient.

Hi, I’m surprised by the microG solution, as I - like many /e/os users - don’t have a Google account on my phone. But interested to know if this works and what it means for those of us not using google.

Give it a try and keep us up to date. I experience that it works with minor drawbacks. Thank you.

Looks like they may have found the issue looking at the version 2.1 release notes. I’ve installed it today. Too soon to say if or not its really sorted. I hadn’t had the error for a while before upgrading to be honest. It seems to happen a few times in a few days and then stops for a few weeks.

Also disabling cloud messaging for normal users is going to cause huge problems like no notifications (most apps) or stupid battery usage (some apps). Its also very unlikely to be related to this problem, imo.

Definitely still happening after the 2.1 update