Generic System Image

Please release Generic System Image (GSI) of eelo, let’s Unsupported Devices also can run eelo.


The GSI version definitely needs to be supported.
Many unsupported devices can run /e/

@rhunault do we have any plans in the near future to build /e/ GSI as well?

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No, it’s not planned at the moment.

Maybe some of the users could try to build a GSI with /e/ code :slight_smile:


Explained How to build GSI

Is it difficult to build the GSI ? Who’s willing to build it ?

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It seems as if the instructions on the web are not complete. A set of team members and users who tried to build based on the instructions ran into a few some issues.

Do I understand correctly that if I have some device with the most complete GSI support (can be found HERE), then I can get any GSI image available (RR for example), just flash it, and that will be enough for my device to work properly?

So if starts officially releasing GSI build, then it will provide us with an easy way to get eOS Pie on S9/S9+ despite the fact that they’re abandoned by LineageOS devs, but still seem to be quite compatible with GSI?

We have a breakthrough on the GSI image related activities. A team member has been able to build an image …you can follow the thread here

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