Get Ready! /e/OS V2 is on its Way! Save the Date: May 16th!

Think (wishfully) again …

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To improve security, would /e/OS developers consider including in the build process Automated Kernel CVE Patching, as is done by DivestOS?

automated patch checker along with an extensive database of fixes for over [4,000] Linux kernel security issues.

Thank you for your work and clear answer :slight_smile:


wait and see ! thanks / Teracube 2e … OTA I presume ?

Wow, good news! Android Auto support in V2.0.

Not that I am going to install Google and Maps, but it says “for now” !


I don’t want to post feedback here. Is there a thread open yet?

Please join the live, it will start in less than 30mn from now

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I want to buy the eOS tablet Gael is using during the live event!!!

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Sorry @GaelDuval to spoil your “one last thing” item with my post Get Ready! /e/OS V2 is on its Way! Save the Date: May 16th! - #24 by voorstad yesterday. I did not know. :smiling_face:

And the link to the Android Auto info is…?

The guide on Android Auto


Exciting things should come to e/OS/, looking forward for the future. Thank you for the past work :bowing_man::bowing_man:


Since I am pestering @Manoj since years about a tablet, you should wait your turn :smiley:

I could not join the live event, but it is not yet in Peer.Tube …

[Sidenote] As I watched the live presentation of V2, I saw I am not the only one having difficulties to speak to a group of people. Gael and even the communications person aren’t really confident speakers. Presenting, or speaking, is really a skill! Ofcourse, most important is the information one provides, but it is more of a pleasure to see people who are at ease speaking to a crowd, live or online.

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And it gets even more difficult in case the situation requires to not speak your mother tongue…

That’s true. And I sure respect them!

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Where is the changelog?

What changelog? Do you mean the release notes?


Jokes apart, now that I watched the V2 event, I have the impression that the official /e/OS tablet is not about to be launched …

Perhaps I should definitely make up my mind, buy a tablet and try to install /e/OS myself … which is what I wanted to avoid … Luckily community is great here, and I am sure I could count on @piero and @ronnz98 :slight_smile: … but the objective was to avoid the installation, and support Murena by purchasing the device from the store … pity

@sonyxa2, i remember you are awaiting for two years,
apart supporting Murena.corp by your purshase (you also can make a donation to the, i can’t figure what retains you so long to self-install on a supported device.

I have (and others members did the same) proposed you a personalized step by step guidance two years ago.

Even here Tablets are suported:

for avoiding to do everything manually

EDIT: Oops it is just the Galaxy Tab S2…

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Is there any information on how much the apps that need to be installed leak back home?
Also could the preinstalled navigation app magic earth be used with android auto?