Getting Samsung S2 SM-T817W to use e-OS

Hello everyone. I am new here and far from a developer, so please be gentle! :sweat_smile:

I have been searching to see if it’s possible to setup a Samsung S2 SM-T817W tablet with e-OS. A lot of the information is pretty technical, and I haven’t figured out how to translate it. I get as far as seeing that the S2 is not on the officially supported device list. When I look at the unofficial build page here I see there are several lines for the S2, yet no information on how to figure out which one could possibly apply to me. I found another page of unofficial builds here where I can see there is some linking of version numbers to model numbers. Unfortunately, I see 815 to 819 - and I’m inbetween.

Can someone help me determine if there’s one compatible with my tablet? I couldn’t find any posts with my specific model number, and it was unclear based on other posts if there is any compatibilty between other versions. It also seems relevant to post that I need LTE, and after a factory reset is runnig Android 7 not 5.x. TIA.

The (Canadian ?) T-817W is mentioned in this thread, [UNOFFICIAL BUILDS] for Samsung Galaxy Tabs S2 /e/OS-R - #61 by piero. I didn’t find a definitive answer but my guess would be that this device has a locked bootloader – this would explain the lack of any Custom ROM found for it in a quick search of XDA forum – perhaps you can establish different Post #5

Thanks for the link - that’s not a thread I came across. I will do some reading there. :slightly_smiling_face: Popped into ADB and here are the results:

adb shell getprop ro.product.device

I may have already unlocked the bootloader based on the instructions here. I went into the developer options, enabled “OEM unlocking”, and enabled “USB debugging”. I needed the USB debugging to remove apps like Gmail, Google Calendar, ect with ADB. Is there a way to verify the bootloader is unlocked without making any changes to the device for the time being?

I’ve been scouring and read countless pages at the XDA forums looking for an answer. I came across this thread on how to root the S2 - from like 10 years ago. The instructions are not great for a non-developer, and the poster (now inactive) can be harsh simply replying “read” when someone asks a question indicating a lack of understanding about what’s posted. Kind of scared to post anything there TBH. The comments and instructions are really intended for the original tablet release when it was running Android 5.x, while mines apparently newer running Android 7.x.

I read through the entire thread, followed links, read those pages, and ended up with another thread that seems specifically relevant to my device. I downloaded it, but am completely unsure what the purpose of this file is or how to use it. Perhaps this is already accounted for in the file from CF-AutoRoot?

I found “CF-Auto-Root-gts210ltecan-gts210ltevl-smt817w” ZIP file on the CF-AutoRoot website. It has Odin and an MD5 file, which I thought was for flashing a custom ROM - I must have something wrong here. If I boot into download mode and use Odin, that will just root the tablet right?

From there I should be able to flash a custom ROM… assuming I can find one. :face_with_spiral_eyes: Going back into the dark corner now.

other way to get root permission for apps that need it is “magisk”

The XDA forum Galaxy Tab S2 page:

You will be looking for a ROM which is an exact match for your device codename and it will generally work on that device only.

However when you find a specification as gts210ltexx it is worth further research – does it cover your device?

gts210ltexx seen here [UNOFFICIAL BUILDS] for Samsung Galaxy Tabs S2 /e/OS-R and here

gts210ltexx seen here

Exynos is specifically mentioned in the above device tree. Perhaps you can use Hardware info app (Device info HW or AIDA64 app, perhaps) to determine for sure if you device has the Samsung Exynos or Qualcomm SoC.


You might see if you can confirm from your device, any of the properties found in this specific part of the TWRP device tree


I looked into the build META-INF before stating it is not covered → gts210ltexx only contain gts210lte device

Hmmm I think you may be correct … but back in the day a3xeltexx covered 3 apparently different devices (different due to Samsung providing Regional carrier variants) … however the build is recognised (META-INF) as a3xelte.

My first impression was that this device was an outsider … but I have to ask why the current developers added the “xx” – this is the reason I suggest our OP continues his research if he is so minded.

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I am in Canada, I have the same device SM-T817W. Rogers branding.
I too am looking to upgrade the ROM to a newer Android version…
Wondering if you have any updates? Were you able to make any progress on this?

Hi @DAR welcome to the /e/ forum.

This is likely the preliminary test:

Yes I did that. It is Exynos 5433.

Build fingerprint uses the format $(BRAND)/$(PRODUCT)/$(DEVICE)/$(BOARD):$(VERSION.RELEASE)/$(ID)/$(VERSION.INCREMENTAL):$(TYPE)/$(TAGS).

On the negative side I see some entries from the Device tree, are from T815XXU2CQCL (and not any other device) vs (above) gts210ltecan | T817WVLU3CQE4.