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I have received my /e/ preinstalled S7 and I am very excited about making the switch. However, I am going through a difficult moment, because for professional purposes I need to share my contacts and calendar with a user on classical android. From a security point of view, is it better to give the classical android user access to my /e/ calendar and contacts or for this person to grant me access to his google contacts/calendar? (for data simplification reasons, we have one single contacts repository but for organisational reasons we have 2 distinct but shared calendars).

If /e/ will be my single contact repository, I will also need to migrate (import) my contacts from my existing google account (to be abolished straight afterwards).

I have difficulties finding the relevant instructions on this platform …
Any help or link would be highly appreciated.
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Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Sharing these information to good known people will be no problem.
If you open your calendar or contacts via web browser you will see 3 dots on the right site of the calendar / contact name. Push it and you will see the sharing option / link to it.

You can check in the HOWTO section for some topics on this subject …for e.g. this one

Thank you, Harvey. Sure I trust the people I know and share my calendar with, but shouldn’t we fear that through the access rights of Google on the entire content of Google Android phones, Google finally gets access to (and sell) information that /e/ helps us to protect ?
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Dear Manoj,
Thanks for your answer and links. From a data protection point of view, am I right saying that it is best to have the common contacts repository and both of our calendars on the e-cloud (taking everything away from the google cloud) and then to give my colleague on google-android access to the common contacts and both calendars on the e-cloud? I guess that for the google-android user it is best to replace the ‘evil’ app by another app? Any suggestions? Sorry, that is a lot of questions, but I am still so new (received my e-phone a week ago), yet it is critical for my small business to get this right. In return, I am advocating for /e/ in the French translator community :grinning:
Many thanks to you and @harvey186!

Your answer was pointed to Manoj, but I hope I can answer also :wink:

I don’t know about how much people are you talking. The best solution would be that all needed people will have an account. So all are in a ‘secure’ environment. And they all should use a privacy oriented calendar app like etar ( calendar is a fork of etar) or my personal favorite ‘SimpleCalendar’ from f-droid.

Hi @peter to get all users on use the same email accounts or be on the same platform may be the best solution but realistically speaking is asking for too much as requirements differ from user to user. Over the last decade most of us have become so dependent on Google or apps like whatsapps, facebook that we do not expect folks to just stop using them overnight. Any integration with google or its services carries a danger of ‘infecting’ our systems and weakening our privacy. First step for /e/ would be to make our apps more robust . We are working on making the apps better so that more uses can use it but we still have a long way to go.

Hi Harvey,
Actually just my wife and myself. She is also my only associate and colleague, so sharing contacts and calendar is critical to operate efficiently. I have just managed to import my contacts; great! However, I have difficulties to import my calendar. I didn’t find the possibility to export it as vcf, google always produces a ics and I don’t find where to change the export format. Every time I open the ics calendar file, it only creates one single event …
I am clearly missing something here!
If you have any light to shed on my issue, I would greatly appreciate it.
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Hi Manoj,
Integration with Google was definitely not what I had in mind!! I just was asking how to get my wife to see my calendar on /e/ and myself getting to see her calendar, while she is still on dark age android.

As her phone is currently threatening to reinitialize due to an obscure login issue, we might actually install /e/ on her Samsung J5 device too … but I am a bit worried about the installation going wrong, because I am not a techie like you experts …
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Export events from one calendar

  1. On your computer, open Google Calendar. You can’t export events from the Google Calendar app.
  2. On the left side of the page, find the “My calendars” section. You might need to click to expand it.
  3. Point to the calendar you want to export, click More More|Autox18and then|autox18 Settings and sharing .
  4. Under “Calendar settings,” click Export calendar.
  5. An ICS file of your events will start to download.
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Thank you, @harvey186, I did manage to export my calendar into an ics file but I have difficulties to visualize its complete content in /e/.
I know the content is there because I imported it in Outlook from the same file and I can see all events, but in /e/ I can only see 1 event from each ics file (this is my main issue), and as I tried it 3 times, I see the appointment three times … Btw, in the account section in the settings, I see 3 different accounts:

  1. /e/ (tradusk[at] and peter.simon[at]
  2. /e/ Address book (tradusk[at] and peter.simon[at]
  3. WebDAV (tradusk[at]

I think I accidentally created the account with my e-mail address peter.simon[at], which I did when opening the calendar file. I guess I should delete one of these accounts?

Aren’t contacts and calendar supposed to be contained in the same /e/ account?
Thanks in advance,

That you see 3 accounts is not normal but no need for deletion anything. The first is for calendar and files sync. The second for address book sync and the third is also for calendar sync. Normally the calendar sync is in first one included. Could it be that you have it created for importing the calendar ?

Edit: just seen, yes the accounts with your personal mail address you can delete

When I understand it right, you was able to import all appointments in your outlook but not in your e-calendar. When I remember right, outlook could also export the appointments. Could you try export from outlook and import to e ?
By the way, do you using the web interface ( or the phone app for importing ? I would prefer the web interface.

You are right, I created one of these occurrences during one of my import attempts (but couldn’t tell anymore you why that procedure was different…)
The export from outlook produces a csv file and neither in the web interface nor on the phone app do I find the way to import that csv file…

OK, now it’s getting a little complicated :slight_smile:

you can try one of these converters

or you can install Thunderbird / lightning on your PC or on Linux PC Evolution. Than importing the ics or csv file and export it again as ics and import it into edrive caender.

Hi @harvey186,

We’re making progress; the csv-to-ics tool didn’t work because of language issue (French headers in the csv). However, your tip to use the web interface was actually the right one; I previously didn’t find the import function on the web and now I did. And it shows all my appointments (it would be worthwhile finding out why the import function of the phone app doesn’t show the other appointments). However, I have a difficulty to display the second calendar on my phone. Upon import of the ics file in the web interface I gave it a separate name.
Also, in the web interface, it is very unclear how you can correctly name and assign a colour to a calendar. I somehow messed it up, and now the agendas are still there in the webinterface (only my own calendar visible on my phone) but the labels have gone. The editing function isn’t straight forward to use and ‘edit link’ has a strange behaviour, I cannot get a grip on it.
I apologize if I take too much of your time …

Ok, to be sure what’s the status now:
— All appointments are imported and shown on your phone.
— Creating and sync of second calendar has also worked
— the lables of your calendars are gone

Regarding lables and colors I can’t really help, because I’m using SimpleCalendar which is different to Etar (default calendar). Sorry

Regarding changing lables and color in web interface, I can check tomorrow (in europe it’s late now)

Sure, @harvey186, I appreciate your help so far. I guess that you are also working from home in the current context, but after all it is Sunday evening!

Hi Harvey,
I found the settings where I could add the second calendar. We’ll see about the labels and colors tomorrow!
Many thanks.

I have found the issue on gitlab. pls see here

Thanks. So I will just wait for that issue to be tackled. However, is it normal that after three months the issue is still not assigned?