Getting started Weblate translating - Support topics 2022

A call for volunteers !

Joining the Translation team as a Translator @/e/ or even making casual contributions to Support topics can be a very satisfying way of learning about /e/ and to help others.

Here is How to use Weblate

To Do, translate it !

The French Support topics page today ! Support topics

:construction: Getting started

This is the Front page of the /e/ foundation Weblate: editable once you register, following the guidance above.

If you are interested in contributing to the Support topics please go to the Projects tab and select /e/ support center.

From /e/ support centre press the tab for Languages and click your language.

This takes you to pages currently in progress. This would be the place to start.

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In case you get lost !
Html link Weblate seen, top left corner subject
/e/ @ i18n eFoundation :package: /e/ Main /e/ project
/e/ support center @ i18n eFoundation :package: /e/ support center Support topics

:construction: (Maybe) the optimum way to navigate depends on your browser and/or whether you are logged in. I notice that this wiki hides the actual link !

In Pictures

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1 Select a page to work on

2 Select translate to start

3 Add your translation

4 Press Suggest (Save is probably :no_entry_sign:)

5 Use > to move on.

Work should be fairly intuitive - just go for it! As you learn, you will see that you can easily delete any of your own early foolish mistakes. Once past the self-learning stage here is the Weblate manual Weblate Documentation — Weblate 4.11.1 documentation

If you search Ctrl + F within /e/ support center @ i18n eFoundation for Pages/Support_Topics (I got 34 matches today) you would hope to be able to start further translations. To do help has been requested - how to advise users who meet :no_entry_sign:

Let’s take a specific example:

If you search Ctrl + F within /e/ support center @ i18n eFoundation
for Web_Late takes me to
/e/ support center/Pages/Support_Topics/The_Community_Forum_Git_Lab_Web_Late @ i18n eFoundation

To do, I have asked for help how to deal with "Permission Denied Insufficient privileges to display this page.

To do, Try to provide a navigation aid to show where Weblate pages fit into Support topics.

In the meantime, please remember, you do not have to think too much of context, when you get started; Weblate only wants a translation (as would be done by a machine !).
Mistakes as_you_learn are very easily deleted; they are only saved as suggestions.

:construction: Please pm me with any errors or omissions ! I am aware links can be diverted to “your own language” by your browser. I tried to avoid them, please tell me of any that do not work.

This post was inspired by Création d’un Guide « eOS pour les Nuls » currently the only source of Support topics in French !