GIGAGSET GX290 (Rugged phoned)


I have a GX290+ myself. With the help of others I recently managed to compile and flash lineage 17.1. The device is booting. Steps have been documented here Lineage 17.1 on GX290 · GitHub

Am trying to compile with /e/, but am being too nooby.

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Hi Sebastian, welcome to the /e/ community!

I know that there would be support for an Unofficial GX290 build. Good work on your documentation to date.

If you were to open a thread using perhaps a New Topic in the section Build /e/ , support telling us how far you got, perhaps there are some here could help! :slight_smile:

Bon chance.

I wrote a Wiki pulling together some of the things I have learned since I started making unofficial builds of /e/ OS ROMs. You may find some of it useful


Thanks for your response. When compiling manually after one has to call lunch. Is it possible to do this from outside into the docker environment passing build_type variable etc.? I have assembled a manifest, but I have to go through lunch.

I’m sorry but I have no idea. I never needed to do that when I was using Docker regularly. When I did use it, it was always ‘fire and forget’, and if he build didn’t work, then make a change then start again from scratch.

Now I almost always build without Docker, using either

If you need to call lunch, or tweak things between builds then either of these would probably be better for you than Docker

Here is the recipe I used. It is booting and seems OK so far.

1#Init repo
repo init -u -b refs/tags/v0.17.1-q

2#Defining .repo/local_manifest/eos.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <remote name="fdroid" fetch="" />
    <remote name="sfX" fetch="" />
	<project name="GS290-dev/proprietary_vendor_gigaset" path="vendor/gigaset" remote="github" revision="lineage-17.1"/>
	<project name="GS290-dev/android_device_gigaset_mt6763-common" path="device/gigaset/mt6763-common" remote="github" />
	<project name="GS290-dev/android_kernel_gigaset_gx290" path="kernel/gigaset/gx290" remote="github" />
	<project name="GS290-dev/proprietary_vendor_firmware" path="vendor/firmware" remote="github" revision="lineage-17.1"/>
	<project name="GS290-dev/android_device_gigaset_GX290-unified" path="device/gigaset/GX290-unified" remote="github" />
	<project name="erfanoabdi/android_device_mediatek_sepolicy" path="device/mediatek/sepolicy" remote="github" />
    <project name="steadfasterX/android_vendor_e" path="vendor/e" remote="e" revision="v1-q" />

3#Adding device/gigaset/GX290-unified/

export EOS_DEVICE=GX290
export EOS_BRANCH_NAME=v1-q
export EOS_SIGNATURE_SPOOFING=restricted

4#Defining device/gigaset/GX290-unified/

# inherit vendor e
$(call inherit-product, vendor/e/config/


source build/
lunch lineage_GX290-user
mka eos

6#Flash as per instructions for GS290 Install /e/ on a Gigaset GS290 - “GS290” using adb 30.0.5 as per I had trouble with 30.1.X, but it worked after downgrading.

7#After fastboot reboot the device boots correctly.

I will report when flaws have been detected during productional use.


Great stuff - well done. It may be worth publicisng it in the Unofficial builds category, so that other users of this device can try it out

Meanwhile the GX290 PRO is out there somewhere Gigaset GX290 PRO - the business smartphone for extreme conditions | Gigaset with unbelievably still 1,560 x 720 pixels screen (same as GX290)

Yes, this also seems to be what the Volla Phone X is based on. If Volla can flash their own OS on it and make it work with Ubuntu Touch, I’m sure /e/ can be made to work on it. Especially since the internals are essentially the same as the GS290 which /e/ sells.

Is it keeping the sony sensors for the camera after unlocking the bootloader for installing e/?

I own a GX290 plus now for a while and it is the only real outdoor phone I have seen so far. Not to compare with any Samsung or equivalent. IP86 is one thing, MIL STD 810 G is just another level. Alloy frame, power bank functionality, wireless charging - all there. I use it on my offroad motorcycle for all kind of purposes under ALL conditions.

If I just could get rid of the preinstalled OS and use the beloved just like on my FP3+

If would make an official image, I would support this by purchasing another e Backer worth 128€. :grin:


hey. i’m looking for this /e/ on my gx290…would be nice.

Hi @woodpunk82, welcome to the /e/ forum. Please check out the understated URL in this post Gigaset GX290 Plus - #2 by schoeller

Hi there,
I’ve made a good backup from my ROM android 9 and tested it twice, it works.
So, back to stock is one of the first requirements of developing any further isn’t it?
Where can I drop this file (1.5 GB tar.gz, 5.5GB uncompressed ) ?

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androidfilehost is frequently used by developpers and maintainers for sharing binaries, but gitlab could be a good place as a source, if modifications have to be done.

Ah, I’ve requested upload permissions at AdroidFileHost, lets wait and see.

Here is the ROM backup for GX290 (not plus)

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Did anyone manage to build /e/OS for gx290 yet?
I would be like to test the build, so if possible please share the link.


compilation recipe may be updated as below tested on Ubuntu 22.04LTS. WSL2 not working so far. No clues. Please note the addition of the main developer.

Recipe for Eos 0.23.9-r:

repo init -u -b refs/tags/v0.23.9-r
mkdir .repo/local_manifests
curl > .repo/local_manifests/eos.xml
repo sync --no-clone-bundle --no-tags --optimized-fetch --prune --force-sync -j$( nproc --all )
repo forall -j$( nproc --all ) -c 'git lfs pull'


export EOS_DEVICE=GX290
export EOS_BRANCH_NAME=v0.23.9-r
export EOS_SIGNATURE_SPOOFING=restricted


# inherit vendor e
$(call inherit-product, vendor/e/config/
ccache -M 50G
source build/
lunch lineage_GX290-user
mka eos

is there any way one can make this into an automated OTA-setting without compromising the developers comments?