Google Play-Dienste

Hi all,

I’m on a brand new Fairphone 4 with
/e/OS 0.21-20220123158735 from Murena.

Now Aurora Store tells me

Google Play-Dienste
Konfliktverursachendes Paket existiert

and doesn’t update these sevices (but my bank wants)
How to deal with this?


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Hi @kurt welcome to the forum.

The first thing I suggest is; can you transact with your bank through an HTML page, rather than install their app at all?

Hi aibd,

thanks for your reply. The app is the most comfortable kind to deal with the bank and it would be not nice to give it up. Anyway I want to have the actual Google Services.


I want to have the actual Google Services

It might be a disadvantage to have a degoogled phone if you really want actual Google; the included MicroG in /e/ can provide alternatives that work for some.

It might be worth a Search results for 'banking apps order:latest_topic' - /e/ community.

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Then you are using the wrong OS.

so my fault was to accept the upgrade offer of Aurora for the Google Services. I thought, this was an offer to upgrade Google Services as a a part of microG. So, what have I to do to go back to the original microG of /e/OS? I see the possibility within Aurora to uninstall. Is this the way?

It might be worth checking first from Settings > Apps and Notifications > Search.

Google should show no hits. If you installed Google Play services you should be able to uninstall it from the device using that App info page.

I think it should still be there, Aurora Store shouldn’t be able to replace it.
You can try Settings - System - Advanced - MicroG - Self-Check.

I blacklisted the Google Services in Aurora. To uninstall I only would have been able the microG core, not good! The bank app (DKB) is still working, only mentioning the Services should be updated. We will see…

I also have a Murena FP4 with /e/ OS… I think it makes little sense to buy a de-Google FP4 and then install Google Services.

Since I would not have confidence, I would reset the device and start all over.

There are a few threads here on the subject of “banking under /e/OS”.

I myself, as a customer of the local Sparkasse, completely do without banking apps on the smartphone and regulate it on the PC. You can also check your account balance on the bank’s website.

Yes, I also blacklisted it.
microG is the replacement of Google Play-Service on /e/ os. It an independent project.

microG uses a few tricks, as using the same package name.
But it shouldn’t be possible to update or uninstall it. Maybe you installed another version besides the integrated one.
You find microG under Setting → System → Advanced → microG
Under Cloud Messaging you find all app, which registered for push notification. DKB-Banking should be there.
I have DKB-Banking and TAN2go installed on my fp3+ with /e/ os v0.21 q (Android 10). No Problems and no warnings. The dkb-banking app notifies me if a payment needs approval.
I know fp4 has /e/ os R (Android 11). So microG version could be different.