Fairphone 3(+) with e

Im thinking about getting the fairphone as my next Main device.

What are your experiences with the Device in general, and how well does it work with /e/?

Is there any “big” benefit of buying FP3+ instead of FP3?

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You could read here, here, here and here about that.


Just want to say most of the bugs I mentioned in my review were solved with latest updates! So the experience is much much better now :slight_smile:


BTW: I’m not sure about the main advantage of the FP3+ which is the 48MP camera instead of the 16MP camera of the FP3. As I assumed right from the start the main problem is not the resolution of the builtin camera module but the software, especially its noise reduction algorithm.

In my case the new 48MP camera module alone did not automatically lead to much better pictures. The pictures remained (!) grainy, especially in the corners and under low light conditions, and tended to have artificial white contoures to increase the contrast. These both issues have already been mentioned in this older article (after “The level of texture”).

The noise reduction of OpenCamera seems not to be the very best one and the options the user can set to control this seem to have not much impact. Much better results can be achieved by using another software like the GCam app from here which finally makes the FP3 and FP3+ cameras useable and reliable components.

Have a look at the following two pictures, the left one is from OpenCamera, the right one is from GCam on the same FP3 with the new 48MP camera module:


Compare the pictures in full resolution, open the pictures in new browser tabs for that.


To avoid confusion and false expectations, it’s always worth to note along with the 48MP that it’s “48 megapixels resolution with 12 megapixel output” according to the specs, so the resulting pictures don’t have 48MP resolution. See Quad Bayer here … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bayer_filter.

Ok it looks a bit better on the right, but the difference is quite small, your right.
Well if thats the only difference, there probably isnt a gpod reason to get a FP3+

The pictures do not compare the different camera modules, they are both taken with the same phone, just different apps.

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A right, sry i misread sth there xD
Anyway i dont care too much about the camera.

This support article currently links to the following detailed comparison PDF (note that the speaker is different, too, for instance) …


That’s exactly (!) what I said in my post. You could just have read it.

Of course not. It’s 4000x3000 as it was before with the old camera. But somehow you must name the cameras to distinguish them.

What Gcam version to use for FP3? the documentation is a mess…

Mine says (for Pocophone). Tried also a 6.2.

You are right, it is exactly what you wrote and I commented because I read your post.
KernelPanicake misunderstood you, so I quickly pointed them to the point they missed.

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This is not clear to everybody. Just a few examples …

FP3+: New camera module still generating 12 MP pictures

New camera of 48MP, but the camera app still has max 12MP

New camera but my photos are still 16MP?


Thank you! Works fine with my FP3 so far. I also imported the Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro - xml-File and switched on the ‘Use a third-party gallery’ option.

Fairphone 3 (not 3+) with /e/ preinstalled and bought here for my son, no problem since January

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