Gs290 bugs after system upgrade

Hello all :slight_smile:

i have a problem, i had a mail i think telling me about upgrading my gs290 phone after checking some options on the phone.

I did it and installed the upgrade but now when i wants to stop a call, i have a black screen and no way to finish it.

I still have an upgrade to do but the mobile reboot before having all downloaded it and on a menu tells me the file to catch for upgrade is missing ?

thanx a lot , the actual /e/os system is 0.13-2020121590522 and it wants to upgrade to


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Hi @yogib33r, is your GS290 bought directly from esolutions shop with /e/ OS ‘stable’ or …?

Hello dear SUziQ

This zone has been bought from thé shop.
Thanks a lot.

I test installed /e/OS ‘stable’ version using the /e/asy installer - and got a non-functional GS290 as a “reward”. See also …

Hi @yogib33r,

I had the same thing going on with my phone. The support team dealt with my confusion.

If you check the version of e Recovery and it is 0.14 then the update 0.13.1 was successful.

The next update 0.14 will clear the glitch you are seeing in the /e/ OS sytem updater.

Hope that helps,


Hi @Gioni, Is that your hope or an official information from /e/Support?

On the /e/ servers are already the release e-0.15-q ready. A working and up-to-date build for the GS290 would be really desirable now. After all, it is offered as a premium ePhone.

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Howdy SuzieQ,

Dragging me back into the world of language semantics!? I was hoping my answer was of help to the OG poster.

The 0.14 update removing the lingering update message in the system updater is the what I was told by the /e/ support team.

I am not familiar with what is sitting on the /e/ servers. I just float along not too fussed about my phone and install the OTA updates as they appear, I can’t comment on the e-0.15-q release to which you refer.

I like the way you walk I like the way you talk, Susie Q. But by god if the /e/ project exercises and vexes you so, why continue using it?

Peace brother,


Hello both and thanks for your replies :slight_smile:
Yes my telephone is in version 0.13-2020121590522 as told before and tell me about the update.
So then yes i go to wait for the 1.4 version ?
Thanx a lot, i will have this glitch for some days or perhaps do you know when the 1.4 version will be out ?
thanx a lot.

Howdy @Gioni,
I’m concerned with the /e/Project because I am very interested in it and I support it intensely in my own way, as is well evident in the /e/forum.

What you call me “exercises and vexes” is my passion with extensive constrictive criticism. And yes, words are a prominent feature of the human species - and I appreciate precise, clear unambiguous formulations.

Regards :v: