GS290 won't start after successful installation

Hello everyone,

I bought a new Gigaset GS290 and installed /e/ using the easy installer. I followed the instructions and everything went well - until the moment the installation was finished. The easy installer said something like “the installation is finished and you should see a symbol on your phone now - it will take some time”. But there was no symbol, the GS290 was black. Nothing happened. Pressing the power botton changes nothing.

What should I do now?
I would really appreciate your help. Thank you in advance!

The symbol is very small, and appear during a very short time,
! Get it !

Hello piero,

thank you for your answer, but it did not help me. I do not see a symbol, not even a small one.

Plug your phone in USB to a computer, ideally running Windows.
If you see a USB device plunging/unplugging about every 3 minutes, your device is in EDL mode.
Some help about this : Data transmission per USB to PC not working (Win10 doesn't recognise FP3) - #3 by smu44

If you see the symptoms for EDL mode, you can try to flash over the Gigaset firmware : /e/ installé avec easy installer sur GS290... le téléphone ne démarre plus - #17 by smu44


Hello smu44,

thank you very much! Indeed, it is plugging/unplugging continuously. I will follow these instructions!

Kind regards! :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

If you don’t succeed with stock firmware flashing and live in E.U. please contact me privately.