How is the state of a ecloud web client?

Is there a ecloud web client? Or in progress?
Also, I have found out, that the is based on Newcloud. Does that mean I could possibly go with the Newcloud Desktop client and it will just be a different logo?

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Yes, welcome


in the device browser :

in the PC browser :

Hi @privacyisimportant welcome to the /e/ forum. Newcloud or Nextcloud?

You can put Nextcloud on your PC for sure. You might search a bit first

Getting Started on /e/OS

Yeah thanks for the correction, I meant NextCloud. I will look it up.

How did you get the last one? Like not in the browser, but as an application on your PC.

it is a Progressive Web Application P.W.A.
in an UbuntuWeb remix environement, that is a very simple and
/e/friendly Open-Sources Operating System for PC.
(could be installed or just booted from an USB stick…)

( screenshots are made with 2 display monitors )

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Okay I see. It is a bit too far for me, but thanks.

Yes I use the NextCloud Desktop Client on both MacOS and Linux machines. Works fine :slight_smile:

Hi! Is it safe and ready to use? Or just beta?
I guess it should be fast!?

Should I install the ISO file here: Index of /distros/ubuntu-unity/ubuntu-web/20.04.3

Or the one inside \bios\ ?

Thank you sĂł much

It is basic but has dpkg apt-get synaptic

Sure it is not ungogoled

Depend of your pc boot process…

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Unfortunately even Signal is not degoogled - when I installed signal on /e/ with microg disabled, Signal gave the message ’ g play services are unavailable, signal might not work as expected’.

Did it actually work though? I have seen similar warning messages from apps (can’t remember which now - it’s a long time since I’ve installed my apps from scratch) which went on to work with no problems.

Seems to work fine for me. Another thread here about location sharing not working in signal - maybe thats what it refers to? Ive never needed to share my location in signal so that could be it.

Langis (signal name inverted) works with microG disabled on my device, Langis is available on F-droid, with the alternate repo “patched apps” :

Copy this key in the presspaper
Go to F-droid settings to add a new repo,

Whats the benefit of langis over signal? Couldnt find much info on the gitlab pages

It is rebuilded from original sources,

They says it can works without Gogol services (even fake)