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Hi there, I’m a bit in shock. I discovered today that many of my files were synced in without me knowing about it. I discovered that because I got a notification telling me my storage space is almost full.

Let me explain, when I started I created an account on as it very well suggested when starting but as I discovered quickly: it’s just a nextcloud setup and since I got already mine, I abandoned that and started configuring connection to mine. Nextcloud app for autosync, davx for calendars, etc.

Many times I tried to delete e/ account in settings but option is not available. I though “OK I’ll let that on the side. It doesn’t seem to do anything anyway…”

Now you understand my surprise and shock! Before I got that notification for storage space, I never realized it was syncing in the back! Never saw notification about it. Never saw an option to disable that. Never saw any setting to manually decide what to sync. Etc.

I understand you might want to make it all easy but here its not easy, its just done without my consent nor my ability to do anything about it.

Even if I was lacking tech knowledge and didn’t set up another nextcloud account, I’m sure I’d still be in shock.

I still love the work you do, don’t take it bad. But I think its important to show honestly how it pissed me as I’m certainly not the only one in that case so you get how important it is and crucial for the success of /e. Its about building trust and not being transparent with what’s being done with MY data as I described above builds the opposite : fear.

I’m on FP2 7.1.2

Keep it up folks !


In ‘settings’ / ‘accounts’ / '/e/ you can

  1. disable the sync feature
  2. remove the complete account
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That’s something that have aleady been discused in the following topic :

I agree that the user have to explicitely agree to share their files.

I’ve just added /e/ to my Fairphone 3 and until this problem I’ve been absolutely loving it. I loaded Syncthing onto my phone. Then discovered that everything that sync’d to my phone, had now also been sync’d to the, and instantly took all my storage space. I went into Accounts to check the sync options, but there is nothing for files!!! I would be happy to sync contacts with the, and notes too, but DEFINITELY NOT files. So I’ve since removed my /e/ account from my phone, and along with that went all my contacts that had been saved to my /e/ address book. I know that I am no tech genius, but I’m not stupid, and I find this automatic uploading of files from my phone to the without there being any clear option to stop it, to be terrible.
Otherwise, thanks so much that I’ve been able to degoogle my phone.