How to fix Sony Xperia XA2 missing sim card



Hi Folks,

As you can read at My experience on Sony Xperia XA2 topic, updating /e/ on my XA2 ended in “missing sim card & bluetooth issues”. As a result I used an /e/ build of early march. So i digged in this issue and did some ducking :wink:

I found out this Sony uses A/B updates. (see
I then discovered if I installed a new build on my B partition it didn’t find the sim card No matter if I sideloaded it or uses the updater. Also I mentioned some errors in mounting the /firmware partition in TRWP if I set the active partiton to B. So some firmware files seems missing. My little quess is that Sony don’t install firmware on the B partition but they are packaging this with every update or their updater copies it.

Then I stumbled upon this pages:

I followed this steps to install new firmwarm on my B partition using XperiFirm tool (for downloading the firmware) and Newflasher (to flash the firmware). After rebooting into my B partition /e/ booted fine but still the sim card error. :grimacing: So further actions had to been taken.

As you can read in the github link someone suggested to dd some firmware from A to B. Some ducking provided the right commands: LineageOS dd commands

After reboot /e/ booted flawless from both A and B partition. So I upgraded OTA.

By now I have the latest build on my B partition and the older one on A.

Happy :smiley::grin:

My experience on Sony Xperia XA2

Hmmm my old Moto G4 without a sim used to ask me for the Sim code on startup and that was it. Now it requests a sim code after boot (after screen lock?) but doesn’t accept it anymore. Thanks for the hint to have a good look at the latest update.



Managed to get past entering the sim and unlock the phone again :slightly_smiling_face:


Great. Good work. Glad it worked!