How to fix Sony Xperia XA2 missing sim card

Hi Folks,

As you can read at My experience on Sony Xperia XA2 topic, updating /e/ on my XA2 ended in “missing sim card & bluetooth issues”. As a result I used an /e/ build of early march. So i digged in this issue and did some ducking :wink:

I found out this Sony uses A/B updates. (see
I then discovered if I installed a new build on my B partition it didn’t find the sim card No matter if I sideloaded it or uses the updater. Also I mentioned some errors in mounting the /firmware partition in TRWP if I set the active partiton to B. So some firmware files seems missing. My little quess is that Sony don’t install firmware on the B partition but they are packaging this with every update or their updater copies it.

Then I stumbled upon this pages:

I followed this steps to install new firmwarm on my B partition using XperiFirm tool (for downloading the firmware) and Newflasher (to flash the firmware). After rebooting into my B partition /e/ booted fine but still the sim card error. :grimacing: So further actions had to been taken.

As you can read in the github link someone suggested to dd some firmware from A to B. Some ducking provided the right commands: LineageOS dd commands

After reboot /e/ booted flawless from both A and B partition. So I upgraded OTA.

By now I have the latest build on my B partition and the older one on A.

Happy :smiley::grin:


Hmmm my old Moto G4 without a sim used to ask me for the Sim code on startup and that was it. Now it requests a sim code after boot (after screen lock?) but doesn’t accept it anymore. Thanks for the hint to have a good look at the latest update.


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Managed to get past entering the sim and unlock the phone again :slightly_smiling_face:


Great. Good work. Glad it worked!

How’s the camera on XA2, quality the same as the stock firmware?

No, in normal daglicht camera is ok, but not that good. In low light it’s worse. No to say, it’s shitty in low light.
Last week i was at a basketball game and filmed some things.

But still very, very happy with my XA2. Thought at first I would use it a month or so and then buying a flagship phone with e. But there is no need to change to another phone. Compared to my iPhone 8 this cheap thing is as good.

(One thing: typing and autocorrect isn’t that good)

Thanks, the only thing i miss using /e/, is great camera quality. I used iPhones for a long time, so i guess i’m a bit spoiled :grinning:

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Same here. Maybe Samsung S9+?

We do have a number of complaints about the camera across devices. In fact there is a request for developers to improve the OpenCamera here.

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  • a little bit off topic but about the camera image quality -
    well, that’s the only point I was disappointed at using /e/, my device Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro, with the default chinese rom (Miui 9, not Miui 10 crap), had a very very great camera handling, that’s why I purchased it in the first place. With /e/, Opencamera is working good but not as good as xiaomi default rom camera. Footej camera, a little bit more great but not excellent.
    Then I found a fix for my device using Magisk and one of its free module called “[SDM660] Camera All-In-One for AOSP/LOS”. This module offers you some patch options to test, MIUI defaults camera and even Google Camera. The first time, I jumped on Google camera option. At the end no camera at all were working on my device, I installed the module again and choose different options to find at last the best option (sadly I haven’t written the right one so I don’t remember but you can try all the options proposed using the volume buttons). Now the quality of my camera is excellent, as excellent as the default Miui 9 one. And the quality is the same using OpenCamera, Miui Camera, Footej Camera, MiX camera…


What ROM was on partition A?

/e/ rom build 20190312
by now I have some build of early may on A and some of end april (26 I think) on B. Running on A by now. later on this week OTA to the latest build running on B

I got myself an used XA2, and installed /e/, but i don’t experience any of the mentioned issues, Bluetooth/ SIM all works. How can i see in wich partition /e/ is installed?

I have a custom TWRP for MiA1 where there is an option called tissot manager which shows me the current active partition A/B. Something similar should be there in the standard TWRP as well.

Boot in TWRP, think you can find it under reboot option. There’s the current slot, and you can change the boot slot.

I installed e on a new XA2 yesterday, did the inline update today - and bam! no wifi, no sim card etc

Can anyone advise on a quick fix, thank you OP, but that looks quite compolicated without step by steps!

EDIT: UPDATE - So I booted into TWRP and saw that my device was now on slot B (the failed update), changed the option to boot from Slot A (the originally installed firmware) and its now working again.

Thats a quick fix, back to the previous version.

But how does one update, without going through the process by OP ?

UPDATE 2: as per the OP, I simply followed ONLY the dd commands as my B partition was corrupt, then did another OTA update and it worked fine.

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Glad you managed to get it working. It’s really a nice phone with /e/ installed… only camera quality is really poor…

Yes it is. The only remaining issue I have is the e App store does not find updates and f-droid repository update fails every time unless I reinstall, then it works on the first run only.

The only app store with working updates for me is Aurora which is obviously missing many of the opensource apps I use.

My Apps store and F-droid are working just fine… really no idea what this can be.