How to import .vcf card on native Contact App on FP3+?

How to import .vcf card on native Contact App on FP3+?
“Message : Couldn’timport vCard”

The VCF file format comes in different versions, which apparently cause problems here and there across different Android OSes and devices.

Where does your VCF file come from? Which App/ computer program/ online service generated it?

Are we talking about a VCF file of a single contact? (Which could be worth experimenting with to find out what the exact problem with it is … here’s an example.)

Or do you have a VCF file with many contacts to import?
An internet search tells me there are Apps which can help with importing the different versions of VCF files out there, but I don’t use any of them, so I can’t recommend one.

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I was trying to import a VCF file exported from ProtonMail (only 1 contact) into the Native FP3+ Contact app.
This same file was successfully imported into Contact on my Desktop Mac, as well as NextCloud.
The “Softaken Vcard Importer Tool” looks interesting, but I wouldn’t spend 25$ only to import a few cards a year…
I will search for other apps.
Also, I’m questioning my test of ProtonMail apps on Android.
I find it not user friendly at all…

Hmmm … VCF is text in a specified form, but text nonetheless.
Can you open the file in a text editor (or any text program or App, even Word) and post the content of the file here as preformatted text (just mark all of it and apply the </> icon to it), of course swapping the contact details with bogus data (John Doe, Tel. 1234567890 etc.), but leaving everything else (formatting, line breaks) unchanged?

We might find out what the Contacts App doesn’t like about it, or open an issue in the /e/OS GitLab.

Her it is :
PRODID;VALUE=TEXT:-//Apple Inc.//Mac OS X 10.14.6//EN

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