How to install TWRP before easy installer

Hello everyone.

First, sorry for my english, i’m french, but no response in the french section.

So, i’ve got a question, i see a lot of you talk about TWRP and it seems very important, to save data and restore phone.
I see topic about TWRP, i see topic about e/os installation but not with the “easy installer”.

My question is:
It is possible to install TWRP (for back up etc …) and use easy installer ? How can i do that :confused: ?

I use fairphone 3.

For the story, i’ve already use the easy installer (two weeks ago) and sucessfully. But a problem with my fairphone appari (not with e/os), and the constructor has changed component and reset my e/os :frowning:

So today, i want to get back e/os and do back up to cover me :slight_smile:

Thanks to anyone will help me.
I hope this message will not be to strange (french-english).

Have a good day.


  1. You can use the Easy Installer to install /e/.

  2. You would need to unlock the bootloader to be able to use TWRP, because the Easy Installer process locks it.
    This will force a factory reset for security reasons, so your user data will be deleted.
    Having an unlocked bootloader has security implications you need to assess for your situation. Your data on the phone is encrypted by default, but you should set up a screen lock PIN or password (pattern is possible, too, but a bit impractical for TWRP usage, TWRP can’t prompt you for inputting a pattern yet, it would need a number converted out of the pattern). This would then serve as the decryption key needed to access your data and nobody simply stealing or finding your phone could access your data without knowing this key.
    You could still be targeted personally, however, by bad guys snatching your phone unnoticed by you, installing malware thanks to the unlocked bootloader, returning it to you still unnoticed, then waiting for you to unlock the screen to then do whatever with your unlock method or your data. How realistic or risky this is depends on your circumstances and mindset and can only be assessed by you.

  3. Then you would be able to use TWRP by temporarily booting it with fastboot, see
    Installing TWRP is possible, but it makes not much sense on the Fairphone 3, because due to the lack of a recovery partition (because the Fairphone 3 is a so-called A/B device) TWRP would get embedded in the boot partition, and every /e/ update will overwrite the boot partition with its own one again, restoring the /e/ recovery.


Hello Another Elk, thanks for you answer, it’s very clear !

So, with the e/os update, it’s not a good idea, okay.

Maybe you have a solution to make “back up” or similar, to be able to restore it if there was a bug after an e/os update ?

Have a good day.


If you need to backup or install a ZIP you always can reboot in bootloader an then

fastboot boot twrp.XXXX.bin

Then your phone will reboot in TWRP and you can do all the actions you may need ( sideload an app, backup your data, etc).

my two cents


It’s not much use to install it, but temporarily booting it with the fastboot command given at and by @Erekoze works perfectly fine.
I’m using TWRP this way for backups myself. For your consideration …

And you might find a lot more on backups via the forum search.


Thanks for all your links :wink: