How to install unreleased version of MicroG GmsCore

I was wondering if anyone else had this problem, even if it doesn’t directly have anything to do with /e/:

The current released version of MicroG is v0.2.8.17785

However, there have been 4 commits since that release including a Fix, that I am desperate to receive…
In Issue 863 exactly my problem is described and they provide an apk to download and try a newer version, but I just don’t know how to work around the checks to get it installed on top of my current MicroG GmsCore Version.

Has anyone done this before and may be able to help me out?
I tried to find a microg specific forum, but was unable to find one, so I thought I’d give it a shot here.

Thanks in advance!

On several of my microG-based ROMs I found I needed to manually replace microG when it was not possible to update via normal means (like when I was using modded builds during their “down period” or get signature mismatches).

It’s a simple matter of replacement while in TWRP. Copy the new microG apk to /system/priv-app/GmsCore/ directory. Copy/save/backup GmsCore.apk if desired, then delete it. Rename new microG apk to GmsCore.apk. Give it permission 644 (rw-r-r).

EDIT: Oops, forgot to mention. On A/B system-as-root devices the path would be /system/system/priv-app/GmsCore/.

On my ROMs I also had to make sure there were no updates in /data/app/ but that’s not an issue on /e/.
Maybe wipe dalvik and cache for good measure. Reboot into ROM. Check app permissions, just in case, then run microG Settings. See if all is still good, checkboxes and all that.


So awesome! It worked and I can finally log into the app that I need so much :smile:

Thanks a lot for your help!