How To lock bootloader on Samsung after installation?


As I have mentionned in the thread about installtion on S10+ (Samsung - Galaxy S10+ - beyond2lte - Documentation Suggestions - #12 by 0xFAb) I still have one or tow quesitons :

  • how to get ride of the ugly message about «the phone bootloader is unlock… gnagnagna warranty gnagnagna. PRESS POWER"
  • how to secure the boot process anyway ?

I’m not familiar with Android/Samsung boot process, so I’ve undoubtly missed the good documentation…

Thanks in advance

You can’t…

replace the png in /param.bin
[HOWTO] Moto: replace the startup screen warning


Bonjour piero,

Thank you for your response.

  • Lock bootloader : ok, too bad
  • replace png : glups, ok, I will try
  • security : maybe I missed something, but I was able to install /e/ because I could enter the “bootloader”, but what can prevent a thief to install what he want on my smartphone ?