How to upgrade from e/OS 1.7 to 2.0?

i´ve got e/OS 1.7 installed on my Pixel 4 an i cant upgrade to a newer version using the seach for update function in the options menu.
Also the manual installation using the easy installer doesnt seem to work anymore as the installer is stuck after downloading the first set of files. Am I doing something wrong?

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It would seem you are running /e/OS based on Android 11 (R) then, based on the versions available for download … here’s how to confirm and give us exact info to work with: [HOWTO] Give complete /e/OS version info easily for support, answers, comparison etc

If so, you would be on the right track with a new install, as there’s no other way to get your device any further.
As for the Easy Installer … Howto troubleshoot issues with the easy-installer

yes its still based on Android 11. I have had a look inside the easy installer log and it seems to just run into a timeout at one point. Here is the relevant part:

2024-05-30 11:54:17,278 DEBUG [Thread-9] e.e.i.t.DownloadTask [null:-1] Downloaded succeed. Rename temp file to right fileName
2024-05-30 11:54:17,279 DEBUG [Thread-9] e.e.i.t.DownloadTask [null:-1] validChecksum(C:\Users\danie\AppData\Local\easy-installer\sources\flame\
2024-05-30 11:54:17,280 DEBUG [Thread-9] e.e.i.t.DownloadTask [null:-1] ChecksumLine = 123347885d7fd2cdd0cfe39f23292d76770f9be926e5162614f12c3ecafc3d9c
2024-05-30 11:54:17,280 DEBUG [Thread-9] e.e.i.t.DownloadTask [null:-1] createFileChecksum()
2024-05-30 11:54:20,022 DEBUG [Thread-9] e.e.i.t.DownloadTask [null:-1] compare checksum: c79a65da525c5985f1dcd3afda1796a2695822b3994b2e38aa28e9ed79a8ac30 vs 123347885d7fd2cdd0cfe39f23292d76770f9be926e5162614f12c3ecafc3d9c
2024-05-30 11:54:20,022 DEBUG [JavaFX Application Thread] e.e.i.c.s.DownloadSrcController [null:-1] DownloadService.succeeded()
2024-05-30 11:54:22,728 DEBUG [Thread-11] e.e.i.t.DownloadTask [null:-1] timeoutThread is over!
2024-05-30 15:49:04,133 INFO [JavaFX Application Thread] e.e.i.EasyInstaller [null:-1] stage is closing
2024-05-30 15:49:04,136 DEBUG [JavaFX Application Thread] e.e.i.c.MainWindowController [null:-1] onStop()

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You have caught the issue

compare checksum: c79a65da525c5985f1dcd3afda1796a2695822b3994b2e38aa28e9ed79a8ac30 vs 123347885d7fd2cdd0cfe39f23292d76770f9be926e5162614f12c3ecafc3d9c

This checksum mismatch has been a frequent bug. As I understand it there is a fix in v0.20.1 but not the full final fix which is hoped for in version 0.21.

First have you got latest version Easy Installer? Version 0.20.1 shows in the Easy Installer window title bar. Forum workarounds can be searched from Easy Installer + easy-installer.

This workaround is maybe worth a try Installer stops after downloading, no error or acknowledgement just a "Try again" button - #7 by lma.

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thank you very much, I will try this later today!

Tried to manually replace the file with the correct one indicated by the checksum string but thats not even the newest 2.0 build. So I guess I stop being lazy and just go down the manual installtion route :smiley:

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