How to upgrade / update Samsung galaxy A5 (a5y17lte) Q -> R

Hello community,

Does anyone have a procedure to update an A5 from /e/OS Q to R without lost data ?



I personnaly had trouble to perform the upgrade, and ended up loosing all my data, see my post back then :

Don’t know if it helps, but since R seems to be the last Android version that will come up for this device, it should be the last fresh install with data loss in the worst case scenario :person_shrugging:

I successfully upgraded my phone from Q ( to R ( WITHOUT losing my data

adb reboot recovey
  • On TWRP : Advanced → ADB Sideload
  • On PC :
adb adb sideload
  • then reboot system

I had a problem with the sound card at the beginning. I repeated the procedure to downgrade to, reboot system and upgrade again to The sound problem has been corrected as below.

Good luck to you

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