[HOWTO] Verify a checksum using Windows 10

Wondering how to check a file against it’s checksum, using your favorite Windows 10 computer ?

Here’s how to, without downloading any fancy tool.

For the example, I got a GS290 recovery image, and it’s .sha256sum file.

1 Open a PowerShell interpreter

Using Explorer, navigate to the directory containing the files, then :

2 Compute the checksum

Here we will use the Get-FileHash PowerShell function. It offers a great completion facility (see “Tab” at bottom of image).
(recorded using ScreenToGif)

3 Verify against downloaded checksum

Open the .sha256sum file with a text editor, for example Notepad (you may have to right-click the file), then visually compare the sums.
Hint : you can compare only some characters at begin and end :wink:

4 Notes