Bulk upload of contacts to ecloud.global

I uploaded a bulk vcf file of contacts to ecloud.global but only a subset of the contacts appear in the contact section of the cloud. There were some error messages but these only flashed briefly on the screen and were not readable in detail. Are there some known limitations, e.g. incompatible field names or encodings?

no here is no way, only manually. The upload of contacts and appointments does have serveral issues and you will find here and in bug report some posts regarding upload issues.

Pls search the forum so you will find them.

About VCF import issue on https://ecloud.global, yes, that’s complicated for now :confused: issue declared

@roncos it’s not about limitations because you can extract your missing contacts in a second VCF, and import this file, It works.
Anybody has news about this performance problem ?

The most efficient solution is to use a third party connector
I’m using Thunderbird + Cardbook addon
you create a remote adressbook, import VCF, then sync
URL : https://ecloud.global

By default it loads by 40 items, so you have to repeat “synchronise” while you have unsynchronised contacts.

Last solution, (add an app store + install nextcloud client) upload your VCF file in your documents https://ecloud.global, sync your phone then use your native contact application to import your contacts.

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