Vcf import to edrive doesn't work

I’m trying to import my 700 contacts via vcf file to edrive. But the page is showing ‘import’ but nothing happens. The vcf file is located on my laptop and I’m using Iridium browser for edrive

An issue is created on gitlab


In the same way, importing a calendar .ics file into the edrive calendar does not work either. I get this message at the end of the process: MyGcalendar.ics Imported 113 out of 1623, 1510 failures

I got the same problem here.
Most of my contacts failed to upload.

For the contacts, I saved the .vcf file in my phone and imported it using the Contacts app. But for calendar entries, the Calendar app doesn’t have an import functionality.

Thanks for reporting this. We will follow up on GitLab about this issue (

Issue 155 became

Under the issue, someone just commented that we need to convert the .vcf into an other version of .vcf

Any experience with that?