Install app that is GSF dependent, consequences?

What are the consequences of installing a app on /e/ that depend on Google Play Services Framework?

GSF is still there in /e/ already right?

Hi @appel. /e/ is delivered without Google components, Google Play Services Framework is not installed. But there is an open source replacement for google Services that is called MicroG that comes with it. As a consequence, many apps that are GSF dependent are running, but far not all. MicroG is a compromise, but for me personally, all app I have installed on my phone that are not open source and depending on GSF are working without issues.


Same on my devices. As addition information, some apps will show you at start up, that you need to install GSF for proper working. But after canceling this information the (most) apps will work.


Hi @appel as @ralxx & @harvey186 mention MicroG stands in for Google Play Services but is not exactly necessary for the ROM to run. MicroG is required if you want to run certain ‘popular’ apps which are not from the OpenSource world.

And is it possible to install GSF? What are the consequences of that?

You can’t install GSF because it’s a conflict with microG.

You smash eOS and all your privacy is lost

why searching for a way to use google sh…t on an ungoogled OS. The dev are working hard to ungoogle a OS. Better use the time and energie for searching for google alternatives.

As I have written several times: Installing GSF or any othe gapp on eOS is like putting alcohol into an alcohol free beer !!!


I’m just interested in how /e/ is build up.

LineageOS is using GSF by default?

nooooo, pur Lineage does have nothing, no GSG and no microG. So you are able ti install all the g-sh…t.

And for some devices there is a Lineage with microG preinstalled. There you can install GSF (same as on eOS)

i have purchased teracube 2e phone this week. i read up on what apps can be installed on the teracube phone before my purchase. i read up on the aurora and f-droid app store and proceeded with the purchase under the impression that i can install pretty much any app listed in the google play store.

the app i really need is called FreeStyle LibreLink. the librelink requires GSF. i went to, downloaded Services Framework Proxy apk script and installed it successfully. once i had the microg gsf installed, i downloaded and installed freestyle librelink successfully. after the installation, i was asked to ‘open’ the app. i clicked the ‘open’ button and received this msg: "please install this app from google play’ with two options: ‘cancel’ and ‘OK’. i pressed ‘OK’ and was returned back to the screen which directs me again to ‘open’ the app. when i press ‘open’ again, it does nothing.

am i doing something wrong?

There is a standalone device for the same purpose mentioned here … FFP3+ Nach Start einer App erscheint die Meldung, dass sie im Google Play Store bezogen werden muss - #2 by schubsi … I think you would be better served with that for safety’s sake.

… with the catch being that I don’t see an official (in their terms) LineageOS build for Teracube currently. But there’s iodé OS, which differs from /e/OS in that it (among other differences) supposedly lets you uninstall microG, which then would let you install the needed genuine Google services for your desired App. But then I guess you are trying to use a degoogled OS for reasons.

And iodé OS is not open source (unlike /e/OS or LineageOS), so you would have to be prepared just to trust whatever its developers say about their system. Personally i wouldn’t install iodé OS until / unless they choose to open their code.

Hello @romulus
If you use freestyle libre 2 sensors you can use the separate reader and scanning device. The actual sold reader device is not compatible with libre 3 sensors so you have to use the link app. IMHO the libre link app is not running on ungoogled devices. Abbott promoted to release a libre 3 compatible reader device to the end of 2022. If you need to use libre 3 you have to use a standard android device. Libre 2 will be end-of-Life in 2022 because of patent problems (it looks like this at least)…

Best regards!


@AnotherElk , thank you for your help and indepth explanation. i was not fully aware that LibreLink health app is not just a graphic interpretation of glucose readings but that it also sucks up ‘who-knows-what’ data off the phone and uploads it to ‘who-knows-where’ for ‘who-knows-what’ use and purpose. as you succinctly stated, that in itself defeats the purpose of having de-googled phone if i allow unsafe apps operate on the /e/.

i have noticed that two microG apps (microG services core & microG Services Framework Proxy) are present on the teracube phone, cannot be uninstalled (only hidden) hence appear to come pre-installed with the teracube phone.

does the presence of the microG s/w allow apps such as ‘spotify’ installed via aurora store compromise the teracube/e/ phone and let these android/aurora apps upload private data from my phone to third parties?

-thank you

@schubsi, thank you for clarifying the issues with libre sensors and the potential problems i might experience while operating the LibreLink on /e/. after careful consideration, as noted above, it defeats the purpose of having degoogled phone and operating on it android applications which may surreptitiously use and/or upload private data to third parties…
thank you for alerting me to these issues…