Install e/ on FP4 on MAC

Hello to the community!

I just received my fairphone 4 today and want to install the e/ system on it. But I’m facing some issue before even begining, so in order to not do something wrong, I prefer be sure of everything before begining the installation.

Ok, so first thing, I’m French. I do speak English very well but sometimes, technicals things can be hard to graspe.

My first issue in the installation is that I’m on AppleBook, so stape " Installing adb and fastboot" is a problem, there is only for Windows or Linus… So, anyone know what app I can used on MAC, or how to do that step on MAC?

In the last step on the installation page, they say “Flash /e/ with the following commands” and I don’t understand what this mean. I download the .zip and unzip it, so I see .img inside, but I don’t know what I will supposed to do with that when I will make all the other steps cause I don’t understand the meaning of the sentence.

Thanks for your help

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Thanks. I download it but it’s exactly like the zip I already download in the last step. I’ve got a folder with some things in it but not shure what I’m supposed to do with them…
But, I just find on my computer some things I have used few years ago to root my fairphone 2 and install a google free system. And I think I understand better and some memories came back to me from that time I did it on my fairphone 2. I have a doc with different commands for the terminal a such as “./adb reboot bootloader” and "./fastboot flash boot /Users/ /Desktop/boot-fairphone-FP2-gms-17.10.2-su-eng-r318.img " I think I have to inspire myself to that to do the same with my fairphone 4. Am I correct?

It is not clear to me if you got past the stage of providing yourself with Android Debug Bridge aka platform-tools (of which adb and fastboot are a part)

Yes, I did, few times, I have a folder with things named “adb” “dmtracedump” etc.
But know, what am I supposed to do with that?

So that link above shows you how to get talking to the device in a very low key way with

adb devices
fastboot devices

Both those commands do nothing, just ask “are you there, identify yourself”.

Once you are comfortable with that you can move onto the device install instructions.

as often, instructions for mac are quite the same as linux

Fairphone - FP4 - FP4 - Documentation Suggestions

Thanks. That doesn’t help me at all to understand what I’m supposed to do to install e/ system on my fairphone 4. But probably I didn’t explain myself well enought.

I really think I can adapt the command I have for the fairphone 2, I just hope I’m not wrong. Those commands are, if someone can confirm:

iMac-de-Audrey:~ audrey$ cd /Users/audrey/Library/Android/sdk/platform-tools

iMac-de-Audrey:platform-tools audrey$ ./adb devices

iMac-de-Audrey:platform-tools audrey$ ./adb reboot bootloader

iMac-de-Audrey:platform-tools audrey$ ./fastboot devices
1ff6f61a fastboot

iMac-de-Audrey:platform-tools audrey$ ./fastboot flash boot /Users/audreyboquie/Desktop/boot-fairphone-FP2-gms-17.10.2-su-eng-r318.img

iMac-de-Audrey:platform-tools audrey$ ./fastboot reboot

Thanks a lot, I didn’t see your message before responding earlier.

Hello dears,

So I am currently in the middle of the thing, but I try several times and each time, at the same step, it doesn’t work. Everything is good until:
" Installing /e/
Installing /e/ using IMG or image file

  1. Boot your FP4 in bootloader mode, and plug it to your computer

That is ok. But, then I drag the unzip file (IMG-e-0.21-r-20220123158735-stable-FP4) on the terminal, the terminal say “:is a directory” but when I try to put the commands like “fastboot flash bluetooth_a bluetooth.img” the terminal says “-bash: fastboot: command not found”

I tried with all the commands at once or with one command at a time, and the result is the same: it doesn’t work. The phone is in this screen:

I try with taking one of the .img in the folder but that’s what’s happening:

iMac-de-Audrey:platform-tools audrey$ /Users/audrey/Desktop/IMG-e-0.21-r-20220123158735-stable-FP4/abl.img
-bash: /Users/audrey/Desktop/IMG-e-0.21-r-20220123158735-stable-FP4/abl.img: Permission denied
iMac-de-Audrey:platform-tools audrey$

And all the step before where a succes. Even I had to do it in 2 times, cause the phone restart in the middle, like new; I had to pass all the “welcome steps” of a google android and re-do the developer steps and allow USB-delocker. Thanks for your help

You finally have success with advices from a better english speaker :