Installing /e/OS on a Samsung Galaxy S10+ with latest Android 12 revision

Hi everybody, I thought I’d try and ask for some advice on this project of mine I started without realizing ALL the pitfalls right from the start. :sweat_smile:

I purchased a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10+, planning to install /e/OS “R” on it. Knowing that I’d have to flash the Samsung stock ROM before doing so, I checked the version on my phone, and had the unfortunate luck of having purchased a phone that had been brought to the very latest update, which caused the bootloader revision to be “UF”. :tired_face:

So now I have a Galaxy S10+ which, by all conventional online wisdom cannot be flashed back to Android 11, because there is no firmware with a compatible bootloader revision.

Coming here, I hope to find some advice or ideas on how to still get this phone running on /e/OS without waiting for version “S” to be made available for my device.

Since this seems to be a bootloader problem mainly, I was wondering if I could just replace it with TWRP , and then basically sideload-install a Samsung stock ROM of Android 11 via this? And then flash /e/OS on top of that?

Or maybe it is possible to go through Lineage OS? Install their 19.1 first, then downgrade to 18.1 for Android 11, and then install /e/OS on top of that?

I’d be happy and grateful for any helpful advice, as well as any additional ideas that might work towards my goal. I am not in a hurry, since my main phone is still running fine, even if it is on “O” still. So I’m willing to try and experiment patiently. :smile:

Thanks for any replies and ideas! :smiley:

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If your english understanding is quite good, you can read informations about using “combination-firmware” on the internet

I tried to get some information about that option, sadly I only found how to flash a combination firmware ROM, but not where to find an up-to-date one with the proper bootloader revision, nor what to do with it in order to downgrade to Android 11 once it is running.

Also, one video talked about Samsung adding a permission-based layer of protection before that option? :thinking:

Do you maybe have a good source of guidance for this?

So, after some experimentation, I found the solution myself. Since all of the steps are covered elsewhere already, I’ll just go over them quickly:

  • First, I installed the correct version of TWRP compatible with Android 12. For a step-by-step, go here.

  • After that was done, I downloaded the latest images for LineageOS 19, LineageOS 18, and of course eOS, for my phone, and put them on an SD card that went into the phone.

  • From TWRP and the SD card, it went like this: install LineageOS 19 with the instructions here.

  • Reinstall TWRP

  • Install LineageOS 18 with the above instructions.

  • Reinstall TWRP

  • Finally, install eOS with the same instructions.

  • Reboot, and watch the e bounce happily up and down on my screen. :smiley:

It was a bit of a trial run at first, getting TWRP on the phone the first time, but after I had that down, everything else went smoothly.

So hopefully this can help others with similar trouble. You don’t have to downgrade a Samsung phone to the Android version fit for your eOS via official firmware, you can simply install LineageOS over the official firmware on your phone, downgrade that very easily, and then switch to eOS.

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