Installing /e/OS on Xperia XZ3: VoLTE unavailable on stock ROM

Hi everyone,

I want to install /e/OS on my new Sony Xperia XZ3.

In the instructions, I read that I need to first:

_ place and receive a call
_ send and receive an SMS
_ make and receive a WiFi/VoLTE call

The first two points are done. I also did a WiFi call by using the Signal app.
However, I can’t make a VoLTE call as I can’t activate VoLTE on my XZ3.

When I go to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Preferred Network Type, I don’t have the option to “Enable VoLTE”.

  • With this option not enabled, is it risky to proceed with the installation of /e/OS?

  • I absolutely need to be able to make VoLTE calls because my provider recently discontinued its 3G network, and only VoLTE works with this provider.

Thanks alot for your help,

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What you’d want to check is the status menu via your Dialer: *#*#4636#*#* → telephone info → kebab menu upper right → IMS-servicestatus (not sure about the english/french translation of those menus)

VoLTE or VoWifi is a subcategory to IMS, IMS is the carriers infrastructure to manage customers equipment in its network.

some misconceptions:

  • VoLTE is not a network type, it can’t be listed in the preferred network types as radio standard 4G/LTE
  • Signal is not doing VoWifi call. It’s still a call that uses your wifi, but it’s webrtc inside. Something you could do with any phone, it’s not dependant on the carrier.
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Some points to consider:

1 Has your mobile carrier confirmed that the XZ3 normally gets VoLTE on their network? Have you checked your IMEI number with them?

2 What is the specific model number of your XZ3? (Go to Settings > About phone.) Is this specific model number certified for VoLTE with your carrier?

3 For what region of the world was your phone intended, e.g. Asia, North America, Europe, Global, etc.?

4 What regional firmware version is installed? (Go to Settings > About phone > Build number.) Then find your XZ3’s specific model number here: to compare. Different firmware can be flashed to the phone if necessary.

5 How old is your SIM card? You will likely need a recent one vs. a very old card.

As I said in the other thread, with my Sony XZ1 Compact, the “Enable VoLTE” setting absolutely does not appear unless the SIM card is inserted and the phone has been certified by Sony for VoLTE calling with that specific carrier (in my case, T-mobile USA). I suspect it’s the same with the XZ3. So check 1 through 5 above to try to chase down your issue.

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Sony Support: XPERIA XZ3
How do I enable VoLTE? (Android 9, Android 10, Android 11 or Android 12)

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Most important piece of that:

Make sure your specific Xperia device model and network subscription support VoLTE.

In other words, the specific model number has to be certified for VoLTE with the specific mobile carrier.

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Check also your Xperia XZ3 firmware USA ::: 52.1.A.3.92
Android security patch level: September 1, 2020

Your SIM card must also support VoLTE for the device model you’re using.

This is similar to what i said in a previous post from the S9 topic.
If you are connected to a wi-fi network and have VoWiFi enabled than the call to a lanldine or another mobile number is going to be made by using the wi-fi network rather than the network of your mobile provider. And how tcecyk said this doesn’t depend on the network operator.

tOm8 I don’t know if you already know (probably you do) but Sony phones have a service/test menu similar in functionality with Samsung phones. In order to access it you must type in the dialer * # * # 7378423 # * # * with no blank spaces !!! (which corresponds letter to numers to * # * # service # * # * ) This lets you see a lot of information about your phone and also lets you test all phone capabilities. On my only Sony phone on stock ROM there is no option/info for VoLTE but that is probably because I have no SIM on it.
What tcecyk has given you I think is a shortcut to the part of this testing menu relating to IMS… you can check everything using the code I gave you.

Please let us know what is written for this menu at Service info → Software info → Phone software version

To be honest I was not aware that it is so complicated having VoLTE. On the other hand I really doubt you’re the only user on your network having a Sony XZ3 so the “infrastructure” should be present.
As I previously told you you must request your network provider to give you support in enabling VoLTE and if no help than change the network operator (if he doesn’t care about you).
One other thing you could try is borrow a SIM from a friend that is using another mobile network to see if there is any difference regarding VoLTE.
Anyway good luck!

Same SIM works on VoLTE on another phone (Samsung S9) so no problem with the SIM.

Thanks a lot for the explanations.

When I dial ##4636## and go to telephone info → kebab menu upper right → IMS-servicestatus, I get the following:

IMS Registration: Not Registered
Voice over LTE: Unavailable
Voice over Wi-Fi: Unavailable
Video Calling: Unavailable
UT Interface: Unavailable

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Thanks a lot.

  1. I called my carrier: they say that this phone has built-in VoLTE capabilities and it should work on their network. They also say the reason why it doesn’t work is because this phone doesn’t have the USA firmware, and this is why VoLTE is not enabled on it.
    I did’nt check the IMEI with them as I don’t understand what it means. I know what a IMEI number is, but I don’t understand what you mean by checking it with them, sorry.

  2. It’s a H8416. My carrier says this phone is VoLTE certified and should work with them.

  3. I’m not too sure. I bought it from Hong-Kong on eBay. The ad says it works with ‘worldwide GSM carrier and networks’, including Vodafone, which is my carrier. I also see in the ad the mention ‘Global Version’

  4. The Build number of my phone is 52.1.A.3.137.
    I’m not sure to understand how to use website, but here is what I found (please see attached).

  5. it is brand new. I got a new one today.

  • Given the firmware seems to be the cause of the issue according to my carrier support, is it possible to flash it and install the USA one instead? Is it safe to do? If yes, how can I do that?

Thanks a lot for helping me.

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Thanks a lot for this, I really appreciate your help guys, this forum is amazing.

Here is what I get on Service info → Software info → Phone software version:

GLOBAL-A1 -user

The carrier support didn’t seem super keen to help me out. They just said that the firmware is the cause of the issue without suggesting any solution really. I then suggested to replace the firmware by the USA one that is known for handling VoLTE and all they said was ’ please contact us if you need any more help’.

About the other SIM, I did it: I inserted another mobile network SIM card but the result is the same, no VoLTE available. The only difference is I can make and receive phone calls as this carrier didn’t close their 3G network yet (when I make a call, I can see a small icon ‘3G’ popping up on the top of the screen).

Global should work with VoLTE. It’s what I had on the phones and I thought they work. I wouldn’t install the USA firmware as you might run into other issues. I’m by no means any expert but I would keep that as a last resort.

I guess the main problem is the status of IMS Registration (NOT registered). I found HERE a lot of info about IMS but unfortunately have no time to study it. My guess is that if you can register the IMS you would solve your problems.
Unfortunately I have only the XZ2 premium still on stock so no 100% comparison can be made. If anyone knows a simple way to check for firmware on /e/ OS I can share the info of my /e/ -ed XZ3. I’ve checked my XZ3 with DevCheck and Device Info HW (both very nice apps) and did not find this kind of information.

The link you provided is far too technical for me but thanks for your efforts.
I don’t know how to enable the IMS, and I’m afraid I don’t have the correct expertise to do it, unless I’m told what to do exactly.

Interestingly I received the answer from the seller on eBay: ‘this phone is a old model phone. The phone does not have Volte function. It is not the phone or our compay problem
but the phone did not comes with this function.
Are you willing to keep it?’

Now I’m confused. I double checked that this phone is VoLTE capable before I actually bought it.
I can see here: that this phones supports LTE, although no mention is made about VoLTE itself …
Some guys here on the forum also told me that the Xperia XZ3 can handle VoLTE if I’m not wrong.
So why is the seller telling it’s not VoLTE capable? I don’t understand.

OK let’s look at it differently ! [HOWTO] Find device codename.

From: (referenced above).

Retail Branding,Marketing Name,		Device,	Model
Sony,			Xperia XZ3,			801SO,	801SO
Sony,			Xperia XZ3,			H8416,	H8416
Sony,			Xperia XZ3,			H9436,	H9436
Sony,			Xperia XZ3,			H9493,	H9493
Sony,			Xperia XZ3,			SO-01L,	SO-01L
Sony,			Xperia XZ3,			SOV39,	SOV39


Models Supported
Other models are not supported

His phone is H8416; supported in /e/ OS and apparently almost identical to H9436 that I have (except support for dual sim).
H9436 clearly supports VoLTE

I think the ebay seller doesn’t know what he’s saying or doesn’t want to deal with any problem. VoLTE is not new and I really doubt it was missing from the Sony flagship phone of 2018.
I have an older Sony XZ2 compact and 2 Sony XZ2 premium that also have VoLTE.

tOm8 I’m really sorry for the issues/complication you’re experiencing. I recommended you the XZ3 as opposed to a Xperia 10 Plus.
According to gsmarena H8416 and H9436 have exactly the same radio bands. Also extract from the gsmarena review (september 2018): “Just to round the controls tour up, the hybrid SIM tray is still found on the top of the XZ3. It can either house two nano-SIM cards, both with LTE and VoLTE

Well… I have bad news. VoLTE is not actually working on my Sony phones. I’ve chosen only LTE as band and I cannot call or receive calls. I don’t understand why I have that toggle switch for VoLTE then. That toggle is missing on my Samsung S9+ since it’s not supported so it should be missing if it doesn’t work, wouldn’t it?

On below screenshot I’ve chosen GSM only specifically to see it it has any effect on the toggle… it doesn’t.

There are more reasons why it doesn’t work:

  • I’ve not made any VoLTE calls before switching to /e/. This might be a verification rather than a necessary step, but it was not done.
  • the lineage OS implementation might have some issue with VoLTE
  • firmware on the phone might be different?

I’m willing to use my poor-shaped XZ3 to experiments in trying to help you get VoLTE on yours, but unfortunately I have the H9436 so I cannot use the same firmware and therefore I’m a bit limited on common steps.

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Cannot 100% trust the info in here but it corresponds to what I have read in other places, that XZ3 (and H8416 specifically has VoLTE):

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I have just tried a never degoogled XZ3 H8416 with original firmware 52.1.A.3.137 - R8C (Global Vodafone LC Not Net Locked) and Vodafon 5G / 4G LTE prepaid SIM card.

The VoLTE Check v3.0.0.6 app installed for testing purposes (free, but with lots of advertising) only shows positive results:

VoLTE App - Xperia Firmware

But reality is:

  • no VoLTE button is displayed on XZ3
  • Access points (APN settings) cannot be changed (are locked out)
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Hi. On my degooglEd XZ3 H9436 I have the firmware 52.1.A.3.92. so:

Thanks for the information Xxpsilon.

I meant: tell Vodafone your IMEI number, so they can confirm if it’s compatible with their network. Some carrier websites have a tool where you can check it online yourself.

I think you can generally change a device’s regional firmware without problems, and it’s not difficult, although the process might vary slightly depending on which operating system is installed on your computer. I’ve done it only once, with Linux, years ago, and it wasn’t complicated. Do an internet search for, e.g., “xperia flash region firmware.”

But first contact /e/Support to see if it’s even necessary, because if I’m not mistaken, installing /e/OS also totally replaces the OEM firmware anyway.