Is it possible to back up your phone settings and data to the murena cloud?

Want to update to the latest /e/OS, but it says to back up your phone before doing that in case there are issues.
I feel dumb saying it, but I don’t know how to back up my phone, so I’ve ignored that before. But maybe it isn’t too late to learn or even that difficult. I tried searching the message board for the answer, but there wasn’t anything recent and I saw references to TWRP, which I guess is an app, but I couldn’t figure out how I would use that.

So if anyone could give me a 101, step by step break down or point me to a website with instructions it would be very appreciated.

Thanks for any help.

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as you ask “to the murena cloud” I’d say “no” - the current more complete backup options are all “expert options”. While there is a backup component (Seedvault), it’s not really tended to, can be hidden in settings and isn’t complete. But the method could upload to The twrp method is complete but “offline”, manually driven and you’ll need to upload the backup image manually too.

The best you can currently do is make sure your photos are uploaded and your addressbook, notes and tasks are synced (and not partially device local). Any Apps and connected Accounts you’d need to re-setup. At least popular messengers offer an archive option (that you’d need to transfer) or if you migrate to a new device an option to couple them.

IF you have access to a nachine (real or virtual) running LInux, and your /e/ device has a dev build, not a stable build (i.e. rooted debugging can be enabled in Developer options), then you can use Android Backup and Restore Tools project. See this post for guidance on how to use the tool


Thanks for the replies @nottolino @tcecyk @petefoth.
I’m definitely not an expert or running a dev build and after reading some of the steps in the Backup and Restore Data thread, I’m fairly confident I would be in over my head if I tried to follow that.

I know how to backup photos and other media, but I didn’t realize it’s possible to sync media to another device. That would definitely be helpful to do, how do I go about doing that? Maybe there’s an option I overlooked somewhere?
Thanks again.

because your post title included “murena cloud” I assume you have the media sync to working? then you can just setup any nextcloud client on a laptop or pc to download that again - if this is what you had in mind writing “sync media to another device”.

If you skip the cloud element, you can use your house wifi with Syncthing to sync multiple devices. In the default /e/ config it’d just sync files (media) though - contacts / calendar and tasks are out of scope.

One app I use and like is:

Despite the name it can sync to a SD card, too.
There is a bit of a learning curve, but it’s worth it.

@tcecyk It’s possible I made it seem like I know how to do more than I really do.I don’t have any kind of sync set up or working to

What I’ve done in the past is connected my phone to a computer and saved media to my computer like that. I have a account, but have not done a thing with it.
Partly because I didn’t really need it, but mostly because I I wasn’t sure how to add things to without putting it on a computer first (which is kind of annoying to do and makes it seem unnecessary to add it to

But ideally, what would be nice is if there’s a way to automatically add pictures/notes/contacts/audio/etc taht I have on my cell phone to that way those things wouldn’t be lost forever if I lost my phone.
I’m still not sure if that can be done easily from my with /e/OS.

I don’t have NextCloud yet, but am trying to figure that out and have it set up. basically for the same purpose. Not sure which is easier, but as long as one works, I don’t think I’d need the other.

It is not so hard, this search of the Support topics for Cloud might fill some gaps.

interesting you missed that. You bought an /e/ phone and the intro info material didn’t explain this? it’s one of the core use-cases murena had in mind with /e/ - coupling it with a cloud account that is not-google.

Anyway, Syncthing is still a good recommendation to not be limited by cloud storage limits - but for addressbook, calendar and tasks murena is the goto. Maybe use both. To circle back to the top of your post: that is not a backup restoring all installed apps, but photos + contacts is good enough for most.

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