Is it possible to import into ecloud old emails?

Hi everybody,

Using e for a day, and loving it :wink:

I’d like to stop using gmail, but is it possible to import into ecloud my old emails ?
I didn’t find my answer yet !

I know that you can download your Google data (it should include mails), but I don’t think you can put them into e cloud. At least not officially, but maybe unofficially if you accept sending all your mails to somebody at /e/ so that he could add them into the database (which seems complicated). So I don’t think so, but I’m not a reference :slight_smile:

Thank you ! I know that you can transfer all your emails from yahoo to gmail for example (I have done that in the past).
I was wondering if it could be done here ! Will see :slight_smile:

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The easiest way to import emails from a different server I can think of is the following:

  1. Install Thunderbird on your computer
  2. Setup Thunderbird, so that it can access the gmail account via IMAP
  3. Setup Thunderbird, so that it can access the ecloud-mailservice via IMAP [HOWTO] Email Configurations - to configure /e/ on most email clients
  4. Use drag and drop to move the emails from the gmail account to the ecloud account.
  5. (optional) remove the gmail account from Thunderbird

Thank you ! Do you think it would synchronize on the ecloud or my emails would only be on thunderbird ?

I don’t see how a drag and drop on thunderbird could send a mail from Gmai’s servers to e’s servers but might be wrong :slight_smile: So yes in order to have all your old mails, adding them in thunderbird is the best solution.

I have no idea … Maybe it could be something magical …
To me , it doesnt really seem to be the best solution, because once I change computer or reinstall my OS, I lose everything …

This procedure synchronizes mails on the server and locally on your computer.
The IMAP-protocol intends to keep local and remote data synchronized: What you have on the server is identical to what you have locally on your computer.

After setting up the previous mentioned Step 2 all mails on the gmail server are synchronized to your local computer.
Step 3 creates a local copy of the mails on the ecloud server.
Step 4 moves the gmail-mails from the local gmail-folder to the local ecloud-folder and also synchronizes these changes to the servers, which means that they get deleted on the gmail-server and are created on the ecloud-server.

A few years ago I used for such a migration - maybe you find that more appropriate. Nowadays I use Thunderbird for that.


Perfect Markus, thank you so much :slight_smile:
So my idea that it could synchronize wasn’t that stupid :stuck_out_tongue:
Going to try that soon !

Last question … I am willing changing my gmail account for a more secure email.
Is eelo as reliable as protonmail for data security ?

I have seen nowhere that mails are end to end encrypted with /e/ unlike protonmail. If that was the case, I guess /e/ would promote it much more. So protonmail is best than /e/ for now.


@Markus , I have issues setting up thunderbird with ecloud …

I don’t know what is wrong with my settings (it didn’t configure automatically)

Maybe this link will help but you’ve probably already seen it.

Change the “Autodétection” of “Serveur sortant” to “STARTTLS”.

Yes I have tried that already but it didn’t work …

Please try and set the autodetection values to the right values:

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I don’t know why it still doesn’t work

Are you sure about your password ? I only see this… Or a configuration issue on the servers side or on the documentation.

Yes I am sure about my password :confused:

I don’t see any problems in the screenshot.
Do you use the correct username and password? Can you please doublecheck, that you can login with them on

As weird as it sounds I have already doublechecked (10 times !).
And already tried to log in with them on ecloud … I am so confused !

If I was really desperate, I would try to replace “” by “” in the IMAP row and “” in the SMTP row.
I really think it could work (I hope)