Is QKSMS still used in /e/ OS?

I ask because over on the QKSMS Github people are posting it has been abandoned. (

What does that mean for /e/ OS? People there also mention a fork of QKSMS called Partisan-SMS and has encrypted SMS messages.
@Manoj can Partisan-SMS be considered for /e/ OS since it seems to be more privacy focased withh encrypted SMS?
Here is a link to it.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

I’m not sure if it’s judicious to choose an app from group which is strong active with politic background, if it’s still remain next years or will be demantelated at last…

Alternatively /e/ community proposal would be silence

with encryption capability

silence android sms is maybe no more active too …
but on fdroid we find
simple sms

The /e/OS App is a fork of QKSMS …, meaning /e/OS developers maintain it themselves and the /e/OS App is not bound to whatever fate of the original QKSMS.


That’s good. I wasn’t sure if they maintain it or rely on the development of the stock app.

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