[LIST] Recommended FOSS Applications

A consolidated list of user recommendations of Free and Open Source (FOSS) applications.
Feel free to add your recommendations to this list.

Please only include application which are confirmed to work on /e/ OS

  • Column Category will be the generic grouping under which the application would come…for example Games, News etc
  • Column 'Application Name` will have the name of the application
  • Column 'Available for download` will have the name of the site from where you can download the application for example /e/ App store, FDroid ,Aurora Store
  • Column 'Region` where usable
  • Column 'Description` what is it, alternative for?
  • Column 'Votes` Do you like it, +1, otherwise -1
Category Application Name Available for download from Region Description Votes
Browser Fennec F-Droid Multiple Geko based browser with good tracking protection 2
Browser Firefox Play, /e/ Apps Multiple the original 1
Browser Mull F-Droid Multiple Hardened Geko based browser with high tracking protection 4
Browser Tor Browser F-Droid Multiple Geko based browser with highest tracking protection and usage of Tor 2
Calendar Simple Calendar F-Droid, /e/ Apps Multiple includes holidays and birthdays 3
Communication Delta Chat F-Droid, /e/ Apps store Multiple Encrypted messaging 2
Communication FairEmail F-Droid, GitHub Multiple Email client 4
Communication K-9 Mail F-Droid Multiple Email client 1
Communication Signal APK, Playstore (App Lounge) Multiple Encrypted and privacy orientated messaging 4
Communication Molly F-Droid (own repo) hardened Signal fork 1
Communication Silence F-Droid Multiple Encryption-capable SMS/MMS 2
Communication SimpleX F-Droid Multiple Encrypted and privacy based messenger without ids 1
Communication Threema Libre F-Droid (with added repo) Multiple Encrypted and privacy orientated messaging 2
Gallery Simple Gallery F-Droid, /e/ Apps 3
Internet IceCat Mobile F-Droid Multiple Free/rebranded FF-ESR 0
Money Currency F-Droid Multiple Currency converter 2
Money Ministocks F-Droid Multiple Track stock/bond/ETF/fund/currency prices 1
Multimedia Antennapod F-Droid, /e/ Apps Multiple Podcast player 1
Multimedia Campfire F-Droid, /e/ Apps streaming 1
Multimedia foobar2000 F-Droid, /e/ Apps plays folders 1
Multimedia LibreTube F-Droid Multiple FOSS YouTube app using Piped proxy instead of youtube servers and sponsor blocking 2
Multimedia NewPipe F-Droid, /e/ Apps Multiple FOSS YouTube app 3
Multimedia NewPipe SponsorBlock F-Droid (IzzyOnDroid) Multiple FOSS YouTube app with blocking of sponsor segments 1
Multimedia Openpods F-Droid Show battery level Apple pods 1
Multimedia RadioDroid F-Droid, /e/ Apps streaming 2
Multimedia RedReader F-Droid, /e/ Apps Multiple Reddit reader 1
Multimedia SkyTube F-Droid, /e/ Apps 1
Multimedia Transistor F-Droid Multiple Stream world radio 2
Multimedia VLC F-Droid, Playstore (App Lounge) Multiple Plays nearly all videos formats 5
Multimedia Zapp F-Droid, /e/ Apps D German Public TV streaming 2
Navigation My Position F-Droid Multiple Get your geo coordinates 1
Navigation Organic Maps F-Droid Multiple 2
Navigation OSMand Contour Lines F-Droid Multiple Add contour to OSMand maps 3
Navigation OSMand F-Droid Multiple Online & offline maps 3
Navigation osmin F-Droid Multiple Online & offline maps 1
Navigation Where am I? F-Droid Multiple Get your geo coordinates 1
News Flym F-Droid, /e/ Apps Multiple RSS news reader 1
Office LibreOffice Viewer F-Droid Multiple Document viewer 1
Office Collabora Office Playstore (App Lounge) Multiple Document viewer & editor 1
Office QuickDic F-Droid Multiple Offline translation dictionary 1
Organization Floating Stickies F-Droid Multiple Virtual Post-it notes 1
Organization Notally F-Droid Multiple Creates notes and todos without cloud binding 1
Organization Another notes app F-Droid Create text notes 1
Organization Simple Notes F-Droid Multiple Create text notes 2
Organization SimpleTextEditor F-Droid Multiple Create/edit text files 1
Outdoor GpsTest F-Droid, /e/ Apps 1
Outdoor Transportr F-Droid, /e/ Apps Multiple Public Transport Assistant 6
Privacy Orbot F-Droid Multiple Provide Tor connection via VPN or socks 1
Security Aegis F-Droid Multiple Generate OTP Codes 3
Security Eddie APK, /e/ Apps Multiple AIRVPN client 1
Security FreeOTP+ F-Droid Multiple 2-Faktor authentication app for OTPs 1
Security Hash Droid F-Droid Multiple Perform checksum 1
Security Netguard F-Droid, GitHub Multiple DNS based firewall and add / tracking blocker 2
Security RethinkDNS F-Droid, GitHub DNS based firewall and add / tracking blocker 1
Security NoUSSD F-Droid Multiple Prevent auto-dial of USSD codes 1
Security PersonalDNSfilter F-Droid Multiple Use private DNS and add manual and list filters 2
Social AndStatus F-Droid, /e/ Apps multiple platforms 2
System F-Droid APK Multiple App store for FOSS apps 2
System F-Droid Classic F-Droid Multiple Simpler F-Droid UI 1
System Foxy Droid F-Droid Multiple F-Droid UI 2
System Neo Launcher F-Droid (Izzy-Repo) Multiple Customizable launcher 2
System OpenBoard F-Droid Multiple Customizable keyboard 5
System OpenLauncher F-Droid Multiple Customizable launcher 1
System Ruthless Launcher /e/ Apps Multiple Custom Launcher 1
System Shelter F-Droid Multiple Isolating app to managed profile 1
System Simple File Manager F-Droid Multiple File browser 1
Utilities Binary Eye F-Droid, /e/ Apps Multiple QR/Barcode reader 1
Utilities Converter NOW F-Droid Multiple Unit converter 1
Utilities Greentooth F-Droid, /e/ Apps switches Bluetooth off 1
Utilities KDE Connect /F-Droid WiFi communication & file transfer 2
Utilities KeePassDX F-Droid, /e/ Apps Multiple Password manager 3
Utilities Network F-Droid Multiple Shortcut to *#*#INFO#*#* 1
Utilities NoPhoneSpam F-Droid, /e/ Apps call blocker 2
Utilities Primitive FTPd F-Droid, /e/ Apps (S)FTP server 2
Utilities Private DNS Quick Tile F-Droid, /e/ Apps Enable/disable private DNS from tile 1
Utilities Ruler F-Droid Multiple On-screen ruler 1
Utilities Syncthing F-Droid, /e/ Apps, APK p2p Sync 2
Utilities Warpinator /e/ Apps WiFi file transfer 2
Utilities WaveUp F-Droid, /e/ Apps wakes up screen 2
Weather FOSS Weather F-Droid, /e/ Apps Multiple 3
Weather Geometric Weather F-Droid, /e/ Apps Multiple Nice UI 1
Weather NLWeer F-Droid, /e/ Apps Netherlands Weer app 1
Weather RainTime F-Droid, /e/ Apps Netherlands Buienradar alt app 1
Weather Weather Radar F-Droid U.S. NWS weather radar map 1
Weather World Weather F-Droid Multiple Weather/forecast for world cities 1

Browser|Fennec|F-Droid|Multiple|Geko based browser with good tracking protection|1
Browser|Mull|F-Droid|Multiple|Hardened Geko based browser with high tracking protection|3
Browser|Tor Browser|F-Droid|Multiple|Geko based browser with highest tracking protection and usage of Tor|1
|Calendar|Simple Calendar|F-Droid, /e/ Apps|Multiple|includes holidays and birthdays|3
|Communication|Delta Chat|F-Droid, /e/ Apps store|Multiple|Encrypted messaging|2
|Communication|FairEmail|F-Droid, GitHub|Multiple|Email client|4
|Communication|K-9 Mail|F-Droid|Multiple|Email client|1
|Communication|Signal|APK, Playstore (App Lounge)|Multiple|Encrypted and privacy orientated messaging|4
|Communication|Molly|F-Droid (own repo)||hardened Signal fork|1
|Communication|Silence|F-Droid|Multiple|Encryption-capable SMS/MMS|2
|Communication|SimpleX|F-Droid|Multiple|Encrypted and privacy based messenger without ids|1
|Communication|Threema Libre|F-Droid (with added repo)|Multiple|Encrypted and privacy orientated messaging|2
|Gallery|Simple Gallery|F-Droid, /e/ Apps|||3
|Internet|IceCat Mobile|F-Droid|Multiple|Free/rebranded FF-ESR|0
|Money|Currency|F-Droid|Multiple|Currency converter|2
|Money|Ministocks|F-Droid|Multiple|Track stock/bond/ETF/fund/currency prices|1
|Multimedia|Campfire|F-Droid, /e/ Apps||streaming|1
|Multimedia|foobar2000|F-Droid, /e/ Apps||plays folders|1
|Multimedia|LibreTube|F-Droid |Multiple|FOSS YouTube app using Piped proxy instead of youtube servers and sponsor blocking|2
|Multimedia|NewPipe|F-Droid, /e/ Apps|Multiple|FOSS YouTube app|2
|Multimedia|NewPipe SponsorBlock|F-Droid (IzzyOnDroid) |Multiple|FOSS YouTube app with blocking of sponsor segments|1
|Multimedia|Openpods|F-Droid||Show battery level Apple pods|1
|Multimedia|RadioDroid|F-Droid, /e/ Apps||streaming|2
|Multimedia|RedReader|F-Droid, /e/ Apps|Multiple|Reddit reader|1
|Multimedia|SkyTube|F-Droid, /e/ Apps|||1
|Multimedia|Transistor|F-Droid|Multiple|Stream world radio|1
|Multimedia|VLC|F-Droid, Playstore (App Lounge)|Multiple|Plays nearly all videos formats|5
|Multimedia|Zapp|F-Droid, /e/ Apps|D|German Public TV streaming|1
|Navigation|My Position|F-Droid|Multiple|Get your geo coordinates|1
|Navigation|Organic Maps|F-Droid|Multiple||2
|Navigation|OSMand Contour Lines|F-Droid|Multiple|Add contour to OSMand maps|3
|Navigation|OSMand|F-Droid|Multiple|Online & offline maps|3
|Navigation|osmin|F-Droid|Multiple|Online & offline maps|1
|Navigation|Where am I?|F-Droid|Multiple|Get your geo coordinates|1
|News|Flym|F-Droid, /e/ Apps|Multiple|RSS news reader|1
|Office|LibreOffice Viewer|F-Droid|Multiple|Document viewer|1
|Office|Collabora Office|Playstore (App Lounge)|Multiple|Document viewer & editor|1
|Office|QuickDic|F-Droid|Multiple|Offline translation dictionary|1
|Organization|Floating Stickies|F-Droid|Multiple|Virtual Post-it notes|1
|Organization|Notally|F-Droid|Multiple|Creates notes and todos without cloud binding|1
|Organization|Another notes app|F-Droid||Create text notes|1
|Organization|Simple Notes|F-Droid|Multiple|Create text notes|2
|Organization|SimpleTextEditor|F-Droid|Multiple|Create/edit text files|1
|Outdoor|GpsTest|F-Droid, /e/ Apps|||1
|Outdoor|Transportr|F-Droid, /e/ Apps|Multiple|Public Transport Assistant|5
|Privacy|Orbot|F-Droid|Multiple|Provide Tor connection via VPN or socks | 1
|Security|Aegis|F-Droid|Multiple|Generate OTP Codes|3
|Security|Eddie|APK, /e/ Apps|Multiple|AIRVPN client|1
|Security|FreeOTP+|F-Droid|Multiple|2-Faktor authentication app for OTPs|1
|Security|Hash Droid|F-Droid|Multiple|Perform checksum|1
|Security|Netguard|F-Droid, GitHub|Multiple|DNS based firewall and add / tracking blocker | 2
|Security|RethinkDNS|F-Droid, GitHub||DNS based firewall and add / tracking blocker | 1
|Security|NoUSSD|F-Droid|Multiple|Prevent auto-dial of USSD codes|1
|Security|PersonalDNSfilter|F-Droid|Multiple|Use private DNS and add manual and list filters|2
|Social|AndStatus|F-Droid, /e/ Apps||multiple platforms|2
|System|F-Droid|APK|Multiple|App store for FOSS apps|2
|System|F-Droid Classic|F-Droid|Multiple|Simpler F-Droid UI|1
|System|Foxy Droid|F-Droid|Multiple|F-Droid UI|2
|System|Neo Launcher|F-Droid (Izzy-Repo)|Multiple|Customizable launcher|2
|System|OpenBoard|F-Droid|Multiple|Customizable keyboard|5
|System|OpenLauncher|F-Droid|Multiple|Customizable launcher|1
|System|Ruthless Launcher|/e/ Apps|Multiple|Custom Launcher|1
|System|Shelter | F-Droid|Multiple|Isolating app to managed profile|1
|System|Simple File Manager|F-Droid|Multiple|File browser|1
|Utilities|Binary Eye|F-Droid, /e/ Apps|Multiple|QR/Barcode reader|1
|Utilities|Converter NOW|F-Droid|Multiple|Unit converter|1
|Utilities|Greentooth|F-Droid, /e/ Apps||switches Bluetooth off|1
|Utilities|KDE Connect|/F-Droid||WiFi communication & file transfer|2
|Utilities|KeePassDX|F-Droid, /e/ Apps|Multiple|Password manager|2
|Utilities|Network|F-Droid|Multiple|Shortcut to *#*#INFO#*#*|1
|Utilities|NoPhoneSpam|F-Droid, /e/ Apps||call blocker|2
|Utilities|Primitive FTPd|F-Droid, /e/ Apps||(S)FTP server|2
|Utilities|Private DNS Quick Tile|F-Droid, /e/ Apps||Enable/disable private DNS from tile|1
|Utilities|Ruler|F-Droid|Multiple|On-screen ruler|1
|Utilities|Syncthing|F-Droid, /e/ Apps, APK||p2p Sync|1
|Utilities|Warpinator|/e/ Apps||WiFi file transfer|2
|Utilities|WaveUp|F-Droid, /e/ Apps||wakes up screen|2
|Weather|FOSS Weather|F-Droid, /e/ Apps|Multiple||3
|Weather|Geometric Weather|F-Droid, /e/ Apps|Multiple|Nice UI|1
|Weather|NLWeer|F-Droid, /e/ Apps|Netherlands|Weer app|1
|Weather|RainTime|F-Droid, /e/ Apps|Netherlands|Buienradar alt app|1
|Weather|Weather Radar|F-Droid|U.S.|NWS weather radar map|1
|Weather|World Weather|F-Droid|Multiple|Weather/forecast for world cities|1

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


(It would probably be better to take the category out of the table and make several categorized tables instead. This would give the items also a bit more space. These tables could then be ordered by the voting rank.)

I think the voting aspect in this table is going to be problematic, as it seems one has to edit the original post and manually change the number of votes. I’ve already forgotten which ones I voted for yesterday, so I’m reluctant to add any more votes, for fear of duplication and skewing the results. It might be best to just do away with the votes; does it really matter how many people like an app, if it’s the one app you already think you need or want?

And I do think alphabetized is the way to go, for easy searching. That’s just one opinion, though. :slightly_smiling_face:

The whole thing is problematic i think :grinning: I lost edit because someone else was editting at the same time… The voting… i think it has value, because it tells something about the App. Some apps i deleted withing 5 seconds because i could not even look at it, no offense. But i do like the list to discover usefull apps.

Just a heads up for anyone using any of the popular Simple Mobile Tools suite of free and freemium apps. They have sold the entire suite as far as I can tell to ZipoApps, as confirmed by Tibor Kaputa, their creator. ZipoApps is a firm which describes itself as

The buyer's own description of themselves off their own website (quoted only for discussion)

We are ZipoApps, we acquire the best apps and take them to the next level.

We are a vibrant mobile apps technology company, with elegant solutions built on proven methodologies. Our mission is to find, evaluate, purchase and grow mobile apps. Growing valuable mobile apps is our passion, we unleash the potential and elevate any mobile app.

Source. Evaluate. Acquire. Evolve.

Becoming the world’s leading yielding apps company requires a team with exceptional skill sets.
Understanding how to monetize mobile apps isn’t an easy thing to grasp and that’s why the ZipoApps team consists of only the best industry experts.
With leading algorithm engineers, BI and AI developers and everything in between, we know how to source, evaluate, acquire and evolve any app, using unique technology.

It’s perhaps not a silly idea to assume that this means packing the apps they buy up full of spyware, adware, and other tracker junk, in my own personal view. Some other commenters have shared screenshots of the $15 ad opt out that users eventually get. I very much doubt that the buyer’s goals fit well with the /e/ Foundation or Murena’s mission statements - all my own personal view, of course.

Quick Q for the /e/OS team: is any of the core software built on any SimpleMobileTools code?

If you are a user, you may wish to:

  • Do your own research, and not rely on my biased take
  • Check whether you have any of these apps
  • Review your auto-update settings
  • Seek alternatives

This kind of enclosure buy out is always kind of a hazard with the entire app-based surveillance-capitalist ecosystem that /e/OS works to avoid. It’s a shame, though! Some of their stuff was OK (the gallery app in particular did a bit more than the /e/ builtin)

It has been discussed recently on Reddit, and the upstream issue number against project SimpleMobileTools/General-Discussion in GitHub is #241 (@Manoj I reeealy want to give links here!)



I saw this information too on Reddit and change all my apps from Simple Mobile Tools (Gallery, Calculator and Calendar).

Here the discussion on Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/SimpleMobileTools/comments/18929pq/simplemobiletools_was_sold_alternatives/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web3x&utm_name=web3xcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button

Or this one : https://www.reddit.com/r/SimpleMobileTools/comments/187w64x/simple_mobile_tools_bought_by_zipoapps/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web3x&utm_name=web3xcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button

Do not think that we have forked SimpleMobileTools code. Will check with the developers all the same and get back.




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For now I would carry on using the Simple Mobile Tools apps from F-Droid, which are all open source and ad-free. And I would not accept any updates without checking that they are from F-Droid and that the updates are also open source and ad-free.


FYI: One of the co-developers has already forked SimpleMobiletools as FossifyOrg and wants to create F-Droid releases of the forks. I wish him all the best.

EDIT: Updated links to FossifyOrg on GitHub


Whenever the focus is on making money, this is exactly what ends up happening.

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What Gallery app do you suggest as a replacement of the Simple Gallery? I need it to be able to edit picture as well (crop, drawings etc).


No need to replace what already works for you. Use it for as long as it is functional.


Never said I wanted to replace what is already functional. @18yt8zhg mentionned he replaced the Simple apps, so I’m just curious what are the replacements he chose. Have already read the Fossify post before, thanks.

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With this reasoning people would never replace Google services, since they are very functional :slightly_smiling_face:



I choose Gallery by lacloblonut. This one is okay for me :ok_hand:

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isn´t the eOS-gallery-app a fork of


That´s my naive conclusion, because when I go to that app in f-droid there´s no button for install but only for sharing in droid-ify while f-droid says “incompatible”… (?)
How did you install that app?
Or what am I doing wrong?

I don’t know, i download it yesterday.

I’m not on /e/OS now, i’m on CalyxOS to install Android 14 on my Fairphone 4.

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