Is there a way around Google Wallet?

Obviously Catima is an excellent FOSS app for managing loyalty passes and I don’t really miss paying via NFC, but what I’m noticing is that mobile ticketing (especially post COVID) is very difficult to get around.
For some events it’s not a problem. MLB runs most of it’s tickets through the Ballpark app, others go through Ticketmaster, it’s a pain but most hockey games I attend can be accessed via the web browser. Where I’m running into problems is the Metallica tickets I recently purchased from StubHub - those, I seem to have to save to my Google Wallet.
Off the top of my head, my guess would be the best way to go about that is to created a Work profile via Shelter and confine Wallet to that, unless someone else can think of a more elegant solution?

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I’m quite new for this topic too and recently tried to install “yourwallet” from the play store, as it is supposed to be very data friendly. But it doesn’t seem to be available in our AppLounge, only on GooglePlay.
In this thread here

someone is recommending an opensource app called PassAndroid, maybe that would work for you too?