Lenovo yoga tab 3 plus

Hereby a request for official /e/ support for tablets. Mine is the Lenovo yoga tab 3 plus lte

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eOS for tablets is on the ToDo list since the project was starting :wink:

Hopefully it will be available soon, at least I saw the unofficial build.

The Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus LTE (YTX703L) has an official build as far as I can see and I used it:

  1. There are issues with Lenovos in general and with the YTX703 and YTX703L specifically, e.g.:
  1. There is no entry for a device here in the /e/ Devices section. Maybe because it is already on the supported list, there is no need? I am not sure about your conventions. I think there should be a “/e/ devices / Lenovo” section in general here.

This is what the “request a device” topic should also be for, right?


  1. this was a user mistake (wrong image). I installed my YTX703F smoothly without any problem :slight_smile:
  2. @Manoj, could you please add a “Lenovo” sub-section in “/e/ Devices” ?

Done pl find the link here

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