LG G5 H830 update fail

Hi, Was using 1.6r and it was working fine. tried updating to latest 1.12.3r and got stuck on e boot screen. tried clean flash of 1.12.3r and the same problem. tried clean flash of 1.8.1r and it booted but booted back to recovery. screen flashed ‘factory data reset’ before booting back to recovery. using TWRP 3.7.0,
I also tried a factory reset but have the same issues.Now after flashing 1.6 again the phone keeps booting back to recovery. What can i do ?

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there was a german language entry on this - LG G5 startet nicht mehr nach Update

guess the user went with resetting userdata.

I concluded in the thread that the R branch doesn’t see as much attention as the S branch - so a change that went fine on a S init is disrupting the R init

hi, thanks for the reply. ive never used S. strange that R cant be clean flashed. maybe you can explain some more. theres no e/os S for the h830. are you saying now i cant use e/os on this phone ?
Ive also got a galaxy s5 that ive just updated to the latest R without problems.

no not at all, I don’t have the device and just link some threads - as the user wasn’t verbose in the response, not sure what the solution was, but I guess it was a userdata reset.

The init can be very device specific (firmware libraries that are loaded etc), so errors are too.

I linked to a h850 thread and you have a h830 - for both S / A12 / 19.1 builds exist at lineage, not sure yet why it has no /e/ S builds yet, maybe the forum has existing threads on the question. Not everbody is a fan of the Android 12 quicksettings.

What I’m getting at is - developers upstream most likely only test with the newest branches. So /e/ rebuilds branches continually, but there’s not much testing before builds are effectively used. Enthusiasts are on the newer branches so bugreports don’t come back early.

My educated guess was something related to powermanagement - https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/6912#note_399194 / https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/6945#note_399196

Can you try an older TWRP ?
You can flash a 3.6 version using the install feature in your actual TWRP

thanks but twrp is now frozen. ive to flash stock and start all over again :smirk:

@damod11, the /e/ROMs for the LG G5 have been permanently buggy since the V.1.10 release. See here and here. I’m not surprised that the new release does not work either.

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