Linking a device to a microG account


I’m trying to install an app from google play (the website). I created my google account from my desktop, using a voice message so I could give a landline phone number.

on the playstore website, as I login and try to purchase an app, the page complains that I have no device linked to that account.

In MicroG, I enabled the “device registration @ google” (or something. I just translated this from french); and everything else fwiw.

The microG self test fails at “UnifiedNlp n’a pas de position pour tester le geocodeur” ( “has no position to test/check the geocoder”? )

I dont know what to do from there.

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Have you added your Google account to MicroG ?

Here is another option :

Note that some paid apps will need that the Google Play Services are installed on the phone, which isn’t possible in /e/.

Yes, microG is linked to my new google account.

I watched the link you gave. I already tried using Aurora to do the purchase, but Aurora doesnt allow purchases. This is why I try through the playstore website.

Wat I dont get is why the playstore says I have no devices while MicroG is configured with this account with “device registration”(self translate from “enregistremenet du terminal auprès de Google”) activated.

Also I cant fix the UnifiedNlp error in the microG selftest. (see initial post). How probable is this the cause of my error?

How do I know if the app I’m looking for requires the real google play service?

Then it doesn’t sound good. I can’t help more on this and you may never link your /e/ device to your Google account, even with MicroG.

This part is about the location and shouldn’t be linked to your problem.

A possibility is to un-archived the .apk file and search for a specific file. Someone talk about this recently on the forum. I don’t remember more.
But it means you need the .apk file, so not a really good solution.

It’s always difficult to use Googled stuff with unGoogled things.