[LIST] Banking Apps on /e/OS

This app along with vipps installs fine, but failes upon setup of the acctual app.

The update to e/os V2 seems to make the banking app from Banco Itaú (Brazil) unusable. I cannot log on to my account any more. Could have happened before with an udate of the Itaú app, als I did not log on for a while.
(Teracube 2e zirconia)

Today I could log on to my account again in the Banco Itaú (Brazil) app. No idea why I couldn’t yesterday, but all fine now.

Re: Banco Itaú app (Brazil): I was too quick shouting victory. I cannot logon to my account again. After putting in my access code I get a black screen. If this persists e/os will be unusable for me.


I had the same issue with /e/ v. 2.0 but I solved it today for the Danish version of Vipps (Mobilepay) by following this guide


PS. I use Samsung Galaxy S8+ with /e/ v. 2.0

Thanks for the tip. At the moment I can logon to my account in the Banco Itaú (Brasil) app again. The problem seems to be intermittent. Maybe it will disappear completely some day. If not I will certainly check out this tip.

me three :slight_smile:
on samsung S8+ with android 9

I also need u too look into VIPPS. AND Revolut! Cant get that to work either, it says i need latest android security update or something like that… When VIPPS says i need Google lalala to work

BANKID i think i can get to work if i use manual registratiom, but the auto just loads and loads…

I just asked about e/OS banking apps on the mainstream Croatian forum:


Maybe there are e/OS users in Croatia who will reply and then edit the list here.

Thank you for the reply!

That seems like a lot of work… :S I wish it just worked, like it did earlier.

Hello, in France, CIC Pay is working, it is a credit card payment with the NFC of the Phone. Tested on Fairphone 3+ with /e/OS version 2.0. FP3. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details/CIC_Pay_paiement_mobile?id=com.ei.payment.app.cic

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For Spain it works for me the app of Cajamar without any inconvenience including NFC Pay. Tested on Oneplus 8. How can I edit this first post list @Manoj ?


The initial post has an edit icon. If you click on it, the post should be editable.