[LIST] Recommended FOSS Applications

F-Droid has suspended auto-updates for Simple Tools apps:


Hi everyone. I currently use Simple Calendar Pro.
Any recommendations for a replacement!
FYI, Im not a fan of the layout on /e/ calendar.

Substitute for SimpleMobile SMS Messenger

QKSMS Messaging app

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I am trying to switch to Etar atm but have problems importing the calendar ics exportet from simple mobile tools calendar to it.

It seems that QKSMS is (sadly) abandoned.

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Yes, for what I know, whit a PC and command line: “adb” and others like “install”…

I think yoh can find also in this forum, me too I asked more than one years ago.

Here’s the right code: Uninstall default apps - #29 by AnotherElk

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That’s not an issue as long as we’re talking eOS, see same thread that you just linked:

Hi jobal
Thanks, you made my day with your hint :slight_smile:
The correct adb command to revive / reactivate the deactivated e system calendar app is “adb shell cmd package enable foundation.e.calendar”


… dependent on the command with which it got deactivated in the first place, as there’s more than one such command (details are in the other topic, just as a hint for users reading along here) :wink: .

But it continues to work, without problems. I’ll be sticking with it.

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True, and i remember now why i did switch to simplemobile calendar in the first place.
It was the lacking support for ics import on etar of which the e calendar seems to be a fork of.
So i think i will switch to aCalendar which i purchased back on google android and gives me good offline support and ics import.

Why does everyone want to stop using the Simple apps? They continue to work as well as they always have, F-Droid have disabled auto-updates, and another developer had forked the Simple repos, and will probably start making builds fairly soon.

The rush to find replacements seems like an unnecessary knee-jerk reaction. Just carry on using these excellent apps!


Just a reminder that instead of looking for other Apps it is still an option to either stay with the last F-Droid version of the Simple Mobile Tools Apps (as long as they continue to work) or switch to the new forks … https://github.com/FossifyOrg

(Ok, @petefoth was faster, but I have a link :student: .)


I’m glad that f-droid have put a freeze on the publisher, who I no longer trust, and I wish the fork every success. Right now they’re at the naming stage (daringly trying a link…) https://github.com/orgs/FossifyOrg/discussions/23 - hope they don’t get hung up on that stage!

I like having updates, and I’m certainly not wedded to their apps, so I’ve got my reasons. However, sticking with f-droid’s pre-sale versions is a completely reasonable stance too.

Splitting hairs a bit, people wanting to use the Fossify fork will need to switch apps, albeit to the forked version, due to the ID change. Not a huge issue for power users like the /e/ crowd, though: just the annoyance of setting them up again if they’re the fancier sort of simple app :slight_smile:

Knee-Jerk action ?! Didnt know that phrase lol
But true, no haste needed, just trying to be prepared.


Since I just added FairEmail after a long period of testing under /e/OS, and it’s the only one with a GitHub source, I should say why I put that: it’s available on the App Lounge and F-Droid but will only upgrade properly when installed originally through the GitHub APK (due to restrictions on how many signing keys the developer was allowed by Google & their need to prioritise the Google Play release).


And also true.

And in that spirit, any suggestions for a replacement for Notes, anyone?

(BTW, not to preach to the choir, but one of the main points I was sold to with SMT was that they didn’t ask for permissions unless they were absolutely necessary to perform their function – I’ll appreciate suggestions based on a similar approach).

I use the NextCloud Notes app, (which works with the NextCloud desktop sync client app if installed, to sync notes files between devices). I believe it can be used ‘stand alone’, without a NextCloud account, if you don’t want/ need sync. The /e/ fork can’t do that at present: there’s an issue raised to fix that, but it’s been open quite a while and keeps getting pushed back to a later release, so don’t hold your breath :slight_smile:

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Quick remark: At present e standard calendar (etar) and aCalendar can use the same local calendar so aCalendar can be used to import ics files to the e standard calendar / etar

Those apps, and most other calendar apps are just ways to access the phone’s built-in Calendar storage: they only use their own storage for things like their settings data. Same is true for Contacts apps that access the phone’s built-in Contacts storage.