Looking for someone to install /e/ on a few phones for me

I am in the US, I have 3 phones I want /e/ on, can’t seem to get it to work myself. I’ll pay shipping and pay someone to do the installs for me.

Also, I’ll be in Brussels, Paris & Rome in June if it’s better to connect in person

Thanks in advance

Hello @kevink-lhrglobal,

which devices and models are involved? Are these three devices in the → /e/ Smartphones list?

I’m most interested in a Samsung S9+ and an S9, they are on the list

Galaxy S9 - Please see page (bottom right):

Models Supported by /e/ (Exynos)

  • SM-G960 F
  • SM-G960 FD
  • SM-G960 N

Other models are not supported

→ Not supported by /e/ OS Samsung Galaxy S9 (Qualcomm Snapdragon)

  • SM-G960 U
  • SM-G960 U1
  • SM-G960 W
  • SM-G960 0
  • SM-G960 8

Galaxy S9+ - Please see page (bottom right):

Models Supported by /e/ (Exynos)

  • SM-G965 F
  • SM-G965 FD
  • SM-G965 N

Other models are not supported

→ Not supported by /e/ OS **Samsung Galaxy S9+ (Qualcomm Snapdragon)

  • SM-G965 U
  • SM-G965 U1
  • SM-G965 W
  • SM-G965 0

I could buy 2 new moto Z Play phones and send them your way. Would that work? It seems that all models of the motorola moto z play are compatible

An easy-installer program is announced for the string

You could also search for a local Linux community. I’m sure someone would take time to help you out (it’s not that difficult to get e on the phone if someone is familiar with Linux).

Linux isn’t the measure of all things. Open a command prompt on Windows or terminal on macOS and work with the SDK Platform Tools (ADB & fastboot) as well as Motorola USB drivers for Windows/Mac.

Actually I am a Linux guy, I run Fedora as my primary laptop OS, I am more than comfortable with Linux installs. I wonder if maybe I just have one of the unsupported samsung S9+ models. I think I will buy a Motorola Moto Z Play, since it seems that all models are supported and try again



HI, I am a Linux-user too. I never had anything to do with adb and so on, but because of my little experience with the command line in Linux, I managed to flash a new ROM on three devices. You should give it a try, I think you will succeed!



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Yes, Linux is the total best…

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Hi Kevin,
were you able to install /e/ on your phones ?

Hi @kevink-lhrglobal

I can help, let’s get in touch to see how we can do it.