Lost all Calendar Events

Dear all
I have a really big issue, seemingly I’ve lost all my calendar events.

I had the Account Sync ‘HTTP Error 404’, and following the instructions from another forum-entry (Http Server Error 404), I disabled the sync function for contacts/calendar in the account manager and reabled them. At that point the personal calendar was not anymore listed. After refreshing the calendar list, my personal calendar popped up again, but without all my events. Also online in my murena account all the events seem to have vanished. The mobile calendar app shows me under ‘more information’, that my personal calendar just contains 6 entrys. I really don’t understand how that could happen, hopefully anyone of you do…

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I think the only recourse to restore a previous event calendar state is asking murena admins / support

I did comment on the linked gitlab issue in that thread (that turned out to be more than 1 thing, see the Tasks topic). The birthday cal. 404 is real nextcloud bug that gets its solving postponed for each release.

But there’s no causation of that 404 to the deletion imo to the events, as you yourself write - it seems to be the disabling and re-enabling of the Calendar sync that emptied all state. This needs reproduction in any case, I can’t find a bug filed on this for the app-label.

@tcecyk thanks for your reply. Yes, I saw the linked gitlab issue, it is unattended since long. I’ll follow up on that…

but to reiterate: the 404 led you to change the sync settings and then cause a bug elsewhere. The 404 and you losing event data is separate and I think what you experienced is an unfiled bug.

But it is strange, because the other user didnt loose all his events after the sync-workaround. On the contrary, it resolved his 404 issue…

I’ll check this on the weekend if I can provoke a bug going through the described steps. What is your version string?