Mail not working on Moto E XT1527 [SOLVED]

I installed /e/ using

on a Moto E XT 1527.

WOW very very cool !

When I press the Mail Icon, it open and it quit.
Tried to Empty the App Cache. What else could I try ?

Congrats for the good work !!

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I think this issue is solved. Could you pls remove ?

Don’t you want to leave trace in the forum ? With the answer to this problem in case some other guy encounter the same problem ?

The problem I had, is a very easy problem to experienced for any noobie

  1. I created an e account using an email address
  2. when logging for the 1st time to my phone, I used that same credential I just created and should have used ( not easy to guess) .
  3. that messed up my installation ( eMail app not working )

OK I was able to start over with the initial config of /e/, entering my e acocunt etc… Now if I want to start Mail, it works.

Now, what about my 7 other email account ?

I understand that if I enter them it could messup Mail ? Or it’s only in the initial LOGIN, I need to enter and later I can enter the other email account ?

Or may be that account thing and " email account " are 2 different things ?

you can setup hundrets of email acccounts in email app. use on first screen the 3dots menu upper right site.

But you can better look in howto section:

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This is working as soon as you have gotten an email from with your credentials and after you have confirmed this email.
An input of an email address <> will break the email app and you have to start over with a new fresh eOS flash