Manage Dual SIMs


To learn about various SIM options you get when you insert two SIM cards in your smartphone running /e/OS.


  • A smartphone with /e/OS with two active SIM cards inserted in.
  • Patience to fiddle around with /e/OS Settings

Let’s roll.

0. As soon as you insert the 2nd SIM card into your phone.

You will notice two separate signal bars for both the networks in ‘Status bar’ and in the bottom of drop-down ‘Quick Settings Menu’ just below the tiles.

The below image shows that I have two SIM cards inserted, one from JIO and another from Vodafone mobile network.

1. Goto /e/OS Settings to open Network & Internet settings therein.

2. In Network & Internet settings, navigate to ‘SIM cards’ settings

In ‘SIM cards’ settings, you see both the networks and their specific SIM card slots. Also, you see ‘Preferred SIM for’ options to set the default SIM for specific usage.

3. ‘Preferred SIM for’ options.

  • Mobile data

You can select Mobile data to set the SIM to be used for ‘Mobile data’ as seen in the image below.

It might take a couple of secs to switch SIM for Mobile data

  • Calls

There is an interesting option called ‘Ask every time’, when selected you will be asked to select a SIM for individual calls.

Select SIM 1 or 2 for a call.

Pro tip: It is best you do not opt for this option, as you can always choose to pick the SIM you desire to use for a Call or SMS regardless of what preferred SIM is set to.

To choose a SIM from dialer for a new number. Tap on icon to the left of dialed number to navigate to ‘Call via’ sub-menu as seen in the images below.

To choose a SIM from Contacts for a call. Open a Contact to tap the ‘number and hold for a sec’ to open ‘Call via’ options as seen in the image below.

  • SMS

While typing a text or SMS, you will notice the default or preferred SIM mentioned to the left of Send button. For example, in the image above, it shows SIM 1 as the preferred option.

You just need to tap on it to switch over to different SIM for this specific SMS or text as seen in the image below.

4. Disable a SIM card slot from settings

In SIM cards settings, you can disable a specific SIM slot by tapping on the toggle radio switch to the right of a SIM slot.

SIM slot 1 with Jio Mobile Network is disabled in the image below. Notice that all the preferred SIM for settings automatically switch over to the only available network now.

5. SIM Tool Kit option

At times, you might see a new icon in home-screen upon inserting 2nd SIM called ‘SIM Tool Kit’. There is absolutely no need to panic, since it is just that some SIM cards support traditional SIM Kit options as seen on featured phones too.

These are specific SIM card network related settings.

Thanks for reading!

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Very nice tuitorial @manish! This is useful for people with a traveling lifestyle. Thank you!


Thank you very much for the tutorial @manish , very helpful. One quick question: Under the “preferred SIM for” options (Android 9), is there a simple way to disable data completely for one sim, rather making it the second preferred option? I’ve got a second SIM, with which I can make calls, but data is prohibitively expensive. I’d like to avoid data being routed via that SIM 2 when my preferred SIM 1 loses data. Searching online I have so far only found one solution (for Android 4…) that could work: go to the slot one wants to disable data for and add another character (number or letter) to the APN. This leads to an invalid APN name and stops that SIM from connecting. However, I was wondering whether there’s another or better option in /e/. Thank you!

You should be able to disable it from Mobile Network under Network & Internet or drop down Quick Settings Menu.

Do you not see it there? Just to be sure.

I can’t desactivate a Sim, is it normal?

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This is a known bug, please feel free to add a comment :

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Thanks for your post.

I don’t have SIM cards menu with Fairphone 3+ and /e/OS 0.17-20210621120947 with 2 SIM Cards
If you know how to display it, please tell me, I would like change SIM Card name.


What I miss is having different ringtones for each sim. I have 2 sim one privat one for work. With different ringtones I know right away on what number somebody is calling.


Hello, on my FP3+ (/e/OS0.17) the menu entry is also missing. With the Rom (from Fairphone for the 3+), the menu entry “SIM cards” is available. The menu there looks like in the description.

If, for example, you have no network abroad (with a SIM card), it is very practical to deactivate this SIM.

Please add this practical menu item to the Fairphone 3+ in future.


I do miss the option to disable a simcard on the FP3+ / eOS from 09/2021 too. Please add it! Thanks!


same remark as @kosssi @SU-1 and @EBZPotshausen above : no way to address the dual SIM settings on a Fairphone 3 (/e/ 0.18, but tried 0.19 too), with the extra concern that with a single SIM I must insert it in slot # 2 to get data connection -if in slot # 1, only the phone calls are allowed…
(I discussed that issue at length in the forum, which reached the verge of catastrophy for me -half a dozen reinstalls among many other hassles- until I discovered this by pure luck…)
(this post also may interest @smu44 and @sylvain.gervais )

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I found a solution :slight_smile:

I click on “Paramètre → Réseau et Internet → Réseau mobile” and first item and on top I have a pen when I click I can change name simcard \o/


@kosssi Do you have one SIM installed or two? Because in my case there is no pen. I think this pen to change setting only appears when there is the choice between two SIMs. But for the newcomer with only one SIM, the default is data = SIM2, and, well just move yours there…
I didn’t validate this entierely (I should find another SIM and try) but I’m pretty sure that’s it…