Mipad 4 building

I’m starting to attempt a build for my mipad 4. I’ve got not experience at this and it looks pretty daunting. Has anyone had any experience in building for the mipad 4?

I’ve found a v16 & v17 of Lineage OS on git hub

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I am building for Mi Pad 4 Plus, super interested here.

I found the Kernel, Vendor files, and device files on github.
Still need to build and execute the script as described by @andrelam

Awesome thanks @donut3 - I’m going to attempt this. Just wondering is v1-pie would work as BRANCH_NAME

Yes, I think so… Try it! Do you have a VM to build on?

I’m going to attempt this guide [HOWTO] Building unofficial /e/ rom on a cloud VM - various options

but using the build script method. Never built any rom in my life so this is a learn curve

Can anyone help with a ninja error of missing library file vendor.lineage.livedisplay@1.0.so in the build process? I’ve searched for this kind of error but couldn’t see anything specific to try. Anyone have experience with this?

Log file: https://pastebin.com/WgJw0PBB

Hi @manoj,@harvey186… I’m building for mipad 4 Plus, (trying), could you please tell me what’s wrong with my buildscript? I think I already followed the build process as described by @andrelam here, and I have a 450GB ssd, and excellent internet connection… Am I doing something wrong?

Here’s my script, (almost copied from @andrelam’s…) saved as builde.sh. I am getting an error :

/root/init.sh: line 73: /root/build.sh: Permission denied

and here’s complete command log…
I don’t know what to make of it… any help much appreciated!!! Thank you.

is the script run as su

Yes, it is, good thought
I ran command sudo ./builde.sh inside /srv

Every time, no matter how I try running or where on the disk I put builde.sh, I always get this error:

/root/init.sh: line 73: /root/build.sh: Permission denied

Is the script correct?
Or did I accidentally add or delete something?
I honestly can’t tell.

Is the script 755 for chmod

Yes, it’s executable
I ran the command
sudo chmod 755 ./builde.sh

I mean the she scripts in the /root/ folder - check they are 755

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Also, according to the LOS dev in XDA there’s a chance the v17 ROM could go official. This would make our lives easier when /e/ moves to LOS 17 this year.

Hi @donut3 I have not worked with the buildscript - may be @andrelam and @harvey186 would be able to guide you better on this.

Are you on telegram channel ? If yes search for sailfish.sh
It’s used several times for building different roms. I have build with it 2 different xiaomi roms.
I would post it here, but no files allowed :cry:

You can put it on ecloud with a share link

Good idea :smiley:

Thank you so much @Manoj and @harvey186
No I’m not on the Telegram group, but I got the .sh file very well.
I ran the file, it worked beautifully… Except for one thing, the same thing that hindered the other build.
After I downloaded the file, my next step was: sudo chmod 755 /file/location/sailfish.sh
and my next step is: sudo /file/location/sailfish.sh
Anything I’m doing wrong?
Thank you!

Do it as root, sudo su

The run the build scripts