Mipad 4 building

Yes that’s the bad on open sources. No real rules. You can define things where ever you want and when using sources from different dev’s things could be double defined.
I fear you will get a lot of errors like that

In these cases I renamed the .mk file to .mk-old for each offending file and went with the the mk files in my tree eg device/xiaomi/clover/

So I renamed vendor/qcom/opensource/data-ipa-cfg-mgr/Android.mk



then re run the builde.sh script and repeat on the next issue

Eventually you should end up why I got stuck is the live display library error, to which I cannot find a solution

you can try with making the line in the related .mk file (the file should be shown in the error message) to comment (#).
But it can be that it will create a new error or when build finish, that it won’t boot or something doesn’t work.

Yep, open-source law : compilation errors are hiding behind compilation errors :wink:
Sorry, I have to give up on this :frowning: Not enough free time to dig into cryptic makefiles and scripts …

Maybe a better luck with asking the guy at XDA devs. how he succeded ?

Good luck, never have gotten an answer from an XDA dev which has solved my issue. Most time they don’t answer anymore.

Yes it comes down to time vs return. Time being the most precious. I’m holding out until the XDA dev gets the official status for miPiad4 on LOS 17. That should help somewhat in attempting to build official LOS 17 and /e/ when it moves to 10 (Q).

Hi, so I’m trying to run this script again… And it almost finishes, but asks me to log into github (username, email)… I can’t figure out why.
@harvey186 @andrelam @smu44, could any of you please look at it and tell me what I did wrong?
Also, Here’s my roomservice.xml, in the folder /srv/local_manifests .
Thank you!!!

“propretary” -> “proprietary” in xml manifest :wink:

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I have read often this asking for user name and password. But I can’t remember if there was a solution. I have had it also sometimes and I have added my personal github account creditentials. But I think it was also working if you only hit ‘enter’,

EDIT: As I have written some post above, I don’t think that the sources will work. They are not as lineage needed. No
‘lineage_clover.mk’ NO ‘lineage_dependencies’ and so on.

In mk_clover.mk it’s the wrong PRODUCT_NAME.

The complete source must overwork. Otherwise the build will fail

I just launched a test build in my VM, I’ll post the result tomorrow …

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Android vm ? …

Thank you very much!

Nope, but I’d love to !
Ubuntu in VMware Workstation VM, on a middle-class blade server : Retour d'expérience : mon premier build UNOFFICIAL pour Xiaomi MiMix2 (Oreo et Pie)
Ok, that’s off-topic :wink:

BTW there was another typo in roomservice.xml : relaunched with
instead of
LineageOS/android_packages_devicesettings …


>> [Tue Jan 28 20:52:59 CET 2020] Starting build for clover, v1-pie branch
including vendor/lineage/vendorsetup.sh
device/xiaomi/clover/device.mk:417: error: _nic.PRODUCTS.[[device/xiaomi/clover/lineage_clover.mk]]: "vendor/xiaomi/clover/clover-vendor.mk" does not exist.
20:53:03 dumpvars failed with: exit status 1
Device clover not found. Attempting to retrieve device repository from LineageOS Github (http://github.com/LineageOS).
Repository for clover not found in the LineageOS Github repository list. If this is in error, you may need to manually add it to your local_manifests/roomservice.xml.
device/xiaomi/clover/device.mk:417: error: _nic.PRODUCTS.[[device/xiaomi/clover/lineage_clover.mk]]: "vendor/xiaomi/clover/clover-vendor.mk" does not exist.
20:53:04 dumpvars failed with: exit status 1
device/xiaomi/clover/device.mk:417: error: _nic.PRODUCTS.[[device/xiaomi/clover/lineage_clover.mk]]: "vendor/xiaomi/clover/clover-vendor.mk" does not exist.
20:53:04 dumpvars failed with: exit status 1

** Don't have a product spec for: 'lineage_clover'
** Do you have the right repo manifest?

No such item in brunch menu. Try 'breakfast'
>> [Tue Jan 28 20:53:04 CET 2020] Failed build for clover
>> [Tue Jan 28 20:53:04 CET 2020] Finishing build for clover
>> [Tue Jan 28 20:53:04 CET 2020] Cleaning source dir for device clover
20:53:05 Entire build directory removed.

ESC[0;32m#### build completed successfully (1 seconds) ####ESC[00m


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <project name="crites3/android_device_xiaomi_clover-oss" path="device/xiaomi/clover" remote="github"/>
        <project name="crites3/android_kernel_xiaomi_clover" path="kernel/xiaomi/clover" remote="github"/>
        <project name="crites3/proprietary_vendor_xiaomi_clover" path="vendor/xiaomi/clover" remote="github"/>
        <project name="LineageOS/android_packages_resources_devicesettings" path="packages/resources/devicesettings" remote="github"/>

Seems something is still missing !
Once again you were right harvey186.

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Yes, I’m sorry for you guys :cry:

Short update/Inforamtion:
I have just build a new rom (magma) which is also based on lineage. I have working LOS17 sources for my device. But still I have needed around 40 Hours and around 60 tries to get a build finished.

Hi @eggzenbeanz and @donut3 pls have a look here: [UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Pie test ROM for Mi Pad4 /Pad4 Plus (clover)
a little eastern egg for you

WOW!! Thanks @harvey186. Downloading now

Hope that it will work. Pls let me know

I get treble error when installing. Format data, wiped system and cache. Latest official twrp

Oh, shit, have seen something about treble in the kernel sources.
Tja, was a try which fails :cry: so I remove the post.