Mobile Data not working (update: it's OK now, I needed to configure my APNs)


I updated to 0.7-2019081620422, and I turned data roaming on just to be sure, because Iliad in Italy is probably still using other companies’ transmission towers.

But it’s not working.

I also found out that APN settings are not available “for this user” (that’s me!).

Could this be the problem?

Please try to fix this, because it feels a bit like owning a brick.
Or a tablet, for those who can appreciate the difference.

Pl raise the issue with logs on Gitlab providing details of device and /e/ build.

I will, but it looks like I have a bit of things to learn first (and no time today).

Just a quick Q: when you write:

  • connect your device to your computer

you mean without any cables, right? ('cause USB connection also not working)

Connect the phone with a USB cable.


Then we have a problem, because…

No need for n issue on Gitlab.
Your issue is because of missing APN.
Your network provider should have he APN settings on his webpage. Create a APN by your self and Mobile Data will work
Some Network Provider are sending an SMS with the APN setup. Have a look on Network Provider if he could you send this SMS

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Have you enable file transfer on your phone after plugin USB cable on both devices ??
I’m using a iMAC and Android phones since 12 Years and never have had an issue with connection the phone to iMAC

You’re so right!

Mobile data working now. Thank you!

Dunno. It’s on MTP, media transfer protocol, which seems the right choice to me.

(and still not working)

put it on ‘file transfer’ pls !
and have a look on your phone. there will be a little window where you will be ask to allow the access once or forever !!

Hi - I can’t see the image you attached.

I do see the dialog window once I connect the devices via USB cable

But once I click on File transfer, the window goes away, but nothing happens :frowning: