Moto g4+ /e/ rom

I’m not at all familiar with android roms like /e/, and I’m lost after following links do XDA.
However I’m an experienced linux user (openSUSE)
That said I can test a rom for moto g4+. As I have two of them unemployed for now I can even send one for you if you have use of it (for free, of course).
Any hint?

Hi @jdd welcome to the /e/ forum. The Moto G4 - athene is a supported device and you will find a ROM and instructions here: Info about Motorola Moto G4 - athene

Bon chance. :slight_smile:

Getting Started on /e/

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hello, thanks

it’s the g4+ (g4 plus), not the g4, What I understand it that the camera is different? The XDA thread is here:

but it’s to hard for me to follow :frowning: thanks

back when lineage had the g4 athene in their official builds it was the same build for the g4+

the lineage device tree mentions both models: GitHub - LineageOS/android_device_motorola_athene

I speculate the firmware blobs for the camera cover both models, everything else, the SoC was the same. Sometimes flash size / partitioning is different between models, but not here

Give the /e/ instructions a go, we can help if you run into difficulties

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when the maintainer left, Lineage dropped the athene, so you’ll only get Android Nougat builds from /e/ too. If you’re into building kernels you could give one of the XDA devicetrees + kernel a go with /e/ source.

Check out this forum for Athene posts, there are users reports on issues encountered. As the threads can be dated, reading them backwards is probably a good idea

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what do you mean as “stock oreo”. Do this exist without google apps or at least root access?

We usually refer to the manufacturers own distributed ROM as a stock Rom - like it is a “known” guaranteed ROM. So as a very quick search I find this site offering: Motorola Moto G4 XT1624 Stock ROM Firmware (Flash File) - which I might regard as the Stock Nougat ROM for a xt1624.

I might then ask, did Motorola later produce an Oreo version? Well I didn’t find it very quickly, but I found this Stock N/O Firmware [Apr 01/Dec 01 Security Patch][fastboot][7.0/8.1] | XDA Forums.

The blurb points out no guarantees and all, is it a stock Oreo? - well that is how it is described there, I have no idea if an Oreo ROM is available direct from Moto!

Don’t base decisions on my interpretations, but I hope that helps understand the flow of what David was doing.

oh well… but this I already have on my moto g4+! what I would like to have is an alternative rom. Time permitting I will try the g4 version